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ill entertain flying again as long as i never get seated next to an old lady knocking back Baileys Irish Cream. that was a flight from hell
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and apparently there are a LOT of people who get a little happy pill to enable them to fly without panic and fear. Who knew?
based on all the news stories of people going nutters on planes id say quite a few knew.
I mean, seriously, it was so bad that, when we'd land at our destination safely, I'd fight back complete sobbing at the adrenaline release...

...but then I'd spend the whole vacation panicking about the return flight. It was awful.
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Im way too terrified of flying to be rational about this. If I ever fly again, I intend to be drugged out of my mind so that I dont get to know either way.
I'm phobic about flying, but I still need to fly a few times a year... so a half dose of Ativan prescribed by my doctor for just these occasions means I STILL think we're going to crash, but I don't care.

It's the best I can do, but it means I can get on a plane without panic attacks and weeping and gnashing of teeth. (I used to literally have heart palpitations for months ahead of any scheduled flight.)
This sounds excellent! So happy for you. *takes notes* I need to get this shit prescribed to me pronto.

I have heart palpitations too, oh boy.
The Ativan (seriously--my doctor prescribes me TWO pills only, one for each part of the roundtrip) does the trick so well that not only do I NOT panic months in advance, but I have opted to FLY a few places rather than take the train... AND I LOVE THE TRAIN. But flying is so much faster and cheaper. I would never have thought my brain capable of making that deduction until the Ativan. I just take that one half-dose about an hour before boarding the plane, so I wait till I'm past security and at the gate waiting, then take it.

A friend with a similar phobia recommended I talk to my doctor about this phobia a few years ago, and apparently there are a LOT of people who get a little happy pill to enable them to fly without panic and fear. Who knew?
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Why are people so difficult
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That's an absolutely adorable, drop-dead-gorgeous little turbine there

When I fly, I like to fly the old-fashioned way

I actually got delayed a long time before my first plane ride. I was so irritated having to actually board the flight late that I skipped over the fear. Without squirt.