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My God, I can't stand my Congressman. He's miserable at his job, and there's no end in sight to his reign.
I feel good.
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budgie smugglers
We should add this to the censored words list. For inciting horrible mental images.
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Any of you out there the type to take powders etc for weight training etc?
Meh, those protein powders are useless... high carb foods are best for gaining muscle mass.
Potatoes, pulses, pasta, oatmeal, rice... and beef.
There's no substitute for a good diet, but protein powders are not useless.
"No. No, I wouldn't. I owe you one. But somebody would."
If your cat was wearing a hat and destroying your house...then it would be funny.
I have no idea why I just yelled your name at you. Carry on.
Yeah, that whole cuda thing is dead now, I think. I want to say they aren't developing that feature anymore.
Last desktop PC I had was a Sandy Bridge chip.

I wouldn't mind having a Kaby Lake chip.