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It should be illegal to advertise credit offers.
I had three cups of coffee today, and my heart is about to explode. Today is also long johns day. Feeling good!
You know you're in trouble when a fact check rating system has to invent a new measurement for Trump's lies. Welcome to the Jungle!
Eddie Bauer keeps sending me $10 gift cards because I spent some serious change this year.

It is too bad they do not have more $10 items, tho.
Yamsalot would be a great place. You could yammer till you cant yam no more.
Originally Posted by Yoda
There's a whole Tumblr dedicated to signs where people put quotes around words for emphasis. It's...difficult to read.

There's a restaurant parking lot near here that I walk the dog by a lot that does the same thing. Seriously considering grammar-based vandalism.
As long as we got these it ain't never gonna die. Not on my watch!

Also, I laugh in the face of your "tyranny".
I had about 8 inches of snow on the car from the middle of the roof to the end of the trunk.

I made it all the way to work without a lick of it falling off.