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When I come back here after a long hiatus I think to myself how the old saying that you can't go home is bulls***.
I think what is scarier is if you look at the poll that article references and about 10% wants communism/facisim.
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Hi Kendra. How did you do that? And capitalism will never ever been thrown under the bus
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So what's the go-to condiment for these things?
Regular potatoes.
Well, I ripped off the last band-aid: my gramps knows about ME now. It was not fun.
Blade Runner .... holy s***

BSG commercial free binge next weekend on SyFy. Oh yeah
Might have a tattoo soon. Weighing my options.
I made a 10% return over the last two weeks with Snapchat. Sold all my shares about an hour ago, and now I'm just waiting for it to tank again so I can do it all over again.