The Shoutbox
Remember, lawnmowers donít run on whiskey.
I am soooo excited to see Burn Gorman. He was amazing in Turn: Washington's Spies. I have no doubt he will be just as awesome here.
Geeking out

Whatís crazy is I then overheard some people talking about smoking rock in the store.

I was like what Walmart in hell did I go to?!
I saw a woman smoking meth/crack in the Walmart parking lot, and then I overheard some people in the store talking about dat rock.

Gotta love the Appalachians.
Oh man that looks like a fun one.
Well, itís official. Marvel has totally lost their way.

Itís too bad all they want is dat green. They could have been something grandeur.

Ford flourished after that bailout but even they have failed to innovate.
I never was a fan of Pontiac. GM had a bad habit of running too many brands, and they have done a poor job with the few they have left.

I really wish we hadnít bailed them out.
Olds was the brand of firsts: the assembly line, the speedometer, the monobloc V8, and the automatic transmission. They even made the first windshield HUD and were the first FWD stock car to win on Pikeís Peak.

Thatís a lot of history in one shout