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The username has a space.
Much like the space between my ears.
Missed out on some big gains yesterday: why didn't I keep that stock one more day!
@Yoda: Speaking of code, did you see THIS yesterday?
Well, I jumped into the stock market today: I didn't have much to invest but I'm hedging my bets.
Sounds like a catnapping...
It will have a minor speed up effect but I mostly think that one of the more advance graphics features could be messing with FRAPS. You will probably need to find a new recording app, though. I doubt the FRAPS team is going to release an update for Windows 10.
Yeah, I just need to go to bed.
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@Joel: Try THIS, see if it works, and then get back us.
@Joel: Try []THIS[/url], see if it works, and then get back us.