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Ugh, I really donít like it when an opinion piece isnít clearly labeled and the title is anything but an opinion title, and then half way through it switches from a writing style that acts like itís about to give examples and facts to baseless vitriol.
Those are all good tips, Rodent. Thanks.

Mine was triggered by the atmospheric changes from this recent cold spell. I only seem to get them in fall.
Iíve had a migraine all morning. Just looking for some sweet relief anyway I can get it.
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Anyway, best of luck - last one I tried flipping didn't even realise it's face value
You gotta flip them pre-60s pennies man.
Iíll be flipping a coin this election.
Never change, Chyp. Never change.
I have a radio interview this Wednesday. Excited and nervous.
Yeah, the kid was probably 5 or 6 at best. It would have been a perfect teaching opportunity.