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But with that said we did have privileges growing up. We had the privilege of learning history that had people that looked like us, and we had the privilege of watching movies with people that looked like us.

Wait, I wouldn't call that privilege. I'd call that rubbing someone's face in their poorness. Oh well, tomatoe tomahtoe.
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I must have missed all that privilege when I was standing in line with my mother collecting government cheese while wearing pants we bought for 85 cents at Salvation Army.
I was too poor to fit in with the rich kids, but too rich to fit in with the poor kids. We bought my clothes at Kmart, and I usually had holes in my shoes by the end of the year. I even had the same backpack from 9th grade until....oh wait....I still have it.
**** the rich, white man.
Like it wasnít that long ago that I was making $9 an hour and barely surviving, and I remember sitting around with a group of people that didnít look like me commiserating about the privileges of people that looked like me.
I have more in common with the minorities at work than I do with any of the jacktards that need a lesson in their whiteness.
Gotta say, itís straight up ridiculous. We gotta do this because some jackasses at my organization did black face in the 80s.
Next month I have to sit through a 2 hour session on anti-racism/whiteness.
As much as I love multis and MF DOOM, I rarely listen to stuff like that and so Iím not even going to attempt it. But I do find multis creep into my writing of their own accord. And damn does that feel good.
I figured the look up would have implied that, amigo.
Good thing I wasnít talking about monitors then...she types on her busted glass screen...ouch!