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of course, the F-15 is still the most lethal badass piece of machinery we've ever fielded. but i was always partial to the F-18s.
it's a damn shame that we killed the F-22 so soon. that was one sexy fighter aircraft
Johansson Johanssoning again
I love the franchise as a whole. Warts and all.
at least we will always have that stretch of highway.

if it hadnít been for that god awful CGI i really think the courtyard scene could have become an iconic moment in cinema. now itís just a joke

and to this day he still has never published his food log. methinks he was too busy drinking to remember to write anything down.
Following Spurlock's December 2017 assertion that he hadn't been "sober for more than a week" in three decades, the claims of his liver dysfunction being caused by eating McDonald's food solely for 30 days have been called into question.
Basically, the guy was an alcoholic before/during the shooting of Super Size Me so none of the "health related" conditions were directly related to the McDs diet.
learning that Super Size Me was really just a film about the dangers of alcohol was interesting.
Terrence Howard is his own worst enemy