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The Shoutbox
Iím gonna be sick
Contrast therapy has been booked for Thursday evening.
What rock are you living under and are they selling any in the neighborhood? Because try as I might that shit getting plastered everywhere I go.
My local float tank center is about to open up a contrast therapy suite. Bout time!
Finished season 6 of GoT this weekend. I forgot how god awful those dragons sound. Like nails on a chalk board.
I just walked into Walmart, spent 20 minutes shopping, and only realized when I got back to the truck that I left the keys in the ignition. Good thing no one knows how to drive manual anymore.
Ya canít really expect someone who canít spring for a better flavored beer to not litter.

I drank Bud Ice and Steel Reserve, so I shouldnít throw stones. Or empty cans in this case.
Itís just not a proper childhood until youíve picked up used drug paraphernalia and sex toys. But by far the most copious item was empty cans of Old Milwaukee.
Just seeing the word skunked up diaper is giving me flashback to picking up trash on the side of the road. Iíve smelled things you canít unsmell.
What do you get when you send a lot of PMs? Bloated