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Today was one of those days: 5000 more steps than my average and I feel it.
Soooooo tired.
Yeah, it is worth a buck.
My ADHD is kicking my ass of late.
Rodent: Iíd pay good money to see that movie
Itís official...Iím certifiable....
Thereís no bedder cheddar than a bedwedders cheddar. Unless you want bedder wedder cheddar.
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The ones you respect the most are the only ones that can truly hurt you.
Just be like me and have no respect for anyone on here. It's easier than you think.
How does that work when you look in the mirror? I only ask because youíre a member here, too,so do you like berate yourself when flossing?
Dang, I donít know no Soviet Russia jokes for that shout.