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I made $400 on a stock trade: my best profit thus far. I take back everything I ever said about capitalism.
Itís sad but fascinating how gun ownership is a cornerstone of America. Itís also interesting how people think theyíd be able to resist a boot coming down.
In other news, why the hell is Trump cutting Mexico a break on tariffs? I thought he was gunna get them to buy a wall?

Too soon?
Oh God, Iím on the edge of a meltdown. Iím probably gunna end up crying before the nights out. Great, thatíll be fun
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Why is The Shape of Water getting soooooo much hate?
Because it ainít got no viscosity.
But they will give me $2.68 for Osmosis Jones. Yes please!
So Iím selling some stuff to Decluttr and they want to give me $0.01 for my copy of Die Hard.

Uh yeah, I donít think so.
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Question: can i follow a user to keep informed on their activity?
Not at the moment, no, though that's an interesting idea.
And this is how the NSA got started.
Iíd like to think Iíve given you a run for your money in the years I picked. And guess what? I just submitted for this year.

Challenge accepted!!
Iím constantly on guard