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Mock us with the wrong ingredients most likely.

If I get mushrooms Iím taking out the first robot I see.
What will be the first thing AI utilizes our data for when it comes online?

Order everyone their favorite pizza and reassure us that we have nothing to worry about?😅
They got the better waves to cook your chicken.
Of course they do.
They have a proprietary wireless chip to support instant connectivity and greater distance.
Unless there's some apple proprietary Bluetooth going on.
I prefer the Bluetooth neck bands, honestly. I can pull the ear buds out and drop them or retract them without having worry about pocketing them or a case. They just stay around my neck like 3M tethered ear plugs. There when I need them and hanging when I don't.
I bought AirPods a few months back. I felt dirty but I just took a shower. All good.
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Woah woah, you talking the new SE? Iím all for slinging some **** at Apple but what you get with that phone for that price is just astonishing. The real evil geniuses are the ones who said make me a good cheap iPhone so I can sell more AirPods and Watches.
I canít complain too much, I would not have bought any other.

I wonít pay 💰 💴 💵 for earbuds either.
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Lame Sunday
You start a band?
Lame Sunday