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I annoy everyone at work. Twice as much on deadlines.

Them wuvs me.
I may have told you, but years ago I ran into my neighbor's daughter while outside one Saturday. She was around 8, my guess. She asked if I had any kids. I answered that I do. A son, actually! Why have I not seen him? Well, I mostly keep him in the basement.


I don't have a basement btw, but I was curious to know how she'd react. Didn't phase her much, so I pushed by adding I try to feed him once every day or two.


anyways. back to the topic at hand, I am disappointed that I never knew this existed:

one day, i will figure it out.
dance your cares away!
One day, I will be a happy otter like Steve.
Labyrinth is technically a musical. If only Sarah Connelly had a number to sing.
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Wait a second, so Willy Wonka actually murdered those kids?
Um, dude.
Spoiler alert!
Here's another: Jack dies in Titanic.
John also dies at the end.
Who watches the watch.... er that uhm... Watches....

... watchers?