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"Weird Al"; writing; reading; movies (duh); crocheting; PC adventure games; alternative music; computers; guinea pigs; urban wildlife in my back yard Interests
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  1. 08-03-17
    Hey Austruck . Is there any chance you could send me a top ten movie stars list for the Countdown, please? There's someone who may or may not be on your profile banner that only needs one more vote to make it
  2. 03-20-16
    Lorne Greene.
  3. 11-15-14
    Be more specific. What kind of info are you hoping to glean?
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I have a feeling I have managed to be the only person on the planet to see this movie with absolutely NO spoil...

Cinderella Man   6/04/05
I got to see this movie in April as part of an advance press screening for members of the Evangelical Press As...

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