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Site Rules

Hey, we like freedom as much as the next anarchist community (kidding), but a few rules are necessary to keep things running smoothly. The list below isn't exhaustive, but serves as a good overview of the most important rules. If you're not sure about something, or want clarification on a particular point, don't hesitate to contact a moderator, like Sedai or Yoda.

  • No Spam

    This means no self-promotion. No posting links to your own site (even if relevant to the topic), no telling people to buy a film you created or worked on, et cetera. This includes not flooding the board with short, pointless posts designed to circumvent our 10 post minimum before links can be used, or to draw attention to a link in your signature. Exceptions may be made for longtime members working on personal projects, but generally: if you're not here to simply talk about movies, you're in the wrong place.

  • No Politics

    No discussions about things you'd avoid in polite conversation with mixed company (or, if you'd rather, a job interview or first date). You know the usual: politics, religion, culture war stuff, et cetera. Art obviously touches on these things, but we ask that the discussion stay focused on the cinematic source of the topic and not branch off. This is somewhat case-by-case, but you can get a bit more guidance in this thread.

  • No Swearing

    You can't say anything you can't usually say on network television, which means only the lighter swear words are generally permitted. You may, however, censor certain words with asterisks and the like. The worst of the bunch (you know what they are) aren't allowed under any circumstances. Sorry, but you just don't need them to express yourself.

  • No Harassment

    Judged on a case-by-case basis, though usually defined as a string of unnecessarily personal insults with no real effort to have an actual discussion.

  • No Illegal Movie Downloads

    Though discussions about the issue itself are permitted, asking where you can download movies illegally, or linking to such sites, is not allowed under any circumstance.

  • No Mature Content

    In a nutshell: this site is PG-13. This means no images containing nudity or overly graphic violence. Exceptions may be made for things like classic art, or violence that is comical in nature. Ultimately judged on a case-by-case basis. If something is borderline, please ask a moderator to make a ruling.

  • No Duplicate Threads

    If you're new, and want to start a thread, use the search page to see if something on the topic already exists. If it does, post in that thread, rather than starting a new one. You can safely assume that we've covered most of the broader topics by now.

    Note: some exceptions may be made if the existing thread is exceptionally old, or a new slant is being put on the topic.

  • No Fake Email Addresses or IP Proxies

    Things like temporary/disposable email addresses and proxy IP addresses make it easy for banned members and other troublemakers to repeatedly spam or harass our members. As a result, we must reserve the right to revoke membership based on their use. This rule is flexible depending on the circumstances, and will only be used when necessary. Members who utilize these things for reasons of privacy can rest assured in the fact that we will never share or sell their information to a third party.

Smaller rules about things like thread placement also exist, but the rules above are the important ones. Follow them, and you're far more likely to enjoy your time here.

Chris (Yoda)