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  1. 25 Minutes Ago
    I'm about all day, so should be good to go
  2. 1 Hour Ago
    Cool stuff.
    I've already got an A4 page of bullet points for the recording.
    Seriously excited and interested in hearing what you guys say about the movie.

    Should be fun this one.
  3. 1 Hour Ago
    Seriously, any time is good for me at the minute.

    I'm not working at the moment, so it's easy enough for me to stay up till silly-o'clock even on weekdays
    So whatever is best for you guys I'm happy to go along with
  4. 2 Hours Ago
    Oh, I just realised I never proper answered the question.
    Weekdays would be the same... given the 5 hour time difference, I can easily stay about till 1-2am if needed.
    Gives you guys some leeway with work and stuff too.
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