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Citizen Kane


Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore, Ray Collins View All


Orson Welles (Screenplay), Orson Welles (Director), John Houseman (Writer), Herman J. Mankiewicz (Screenplay) View All

Release: Apr. 30th, 1941
Runtime: 1 hour, 59 minutes
Newspaper magnate, Charles Foster Kane is taken from his mother as a boy and made the ward of a rich industrialist. As a result, every well-meaning, tyrannical or self-destructive move he makes for the rest of his life appears in some way to be a reaction to that deeply wounding event.
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I just finished watching Citizen Kane for the second time since I felt that my expectations for Citizen Kane were too high and too different the first time and therefore I did not enjoy it. But after ...

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If he had done nothing else in his distinguished career, Orson Welles carved a place in movie history with the 1941 classic Citizen Kane, a dark and stylish look at a media mogul, based a real life figure, that still impresses as a master class in the art of film making that received nine Oscar nominations, but for this reviewer, the film didn't quite live up to its reputation.


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