The Shoutbox
Uh oh. TiVo getting bad press. Probably people playing month to month. I havenít witnessed anything like what they are writing about with our lifetime license. Itís always been worth the cost.
Sweet! Progressive takes Apple Pay.
I saw Fury in theaters. I liked it, but Shia LeBeouf is crazy.
Fury (2014) was totally a miss for me. There wasn't even ONE scene where Brad Pitt wears a mascot costume let alone get freaky with one. And with an R rating no less!! False advertising in my book.
Wouldnít want to come across as an appropriating ******* right now.
I gotta be real careful what I rap at work since thereís a large African-American student body, and everyone is walking on eggshells.
I wish I could help
But Iím no better than Yelp
McMuffin is out puffing
No need to be huffing
Heíll be back when heís done
No need to run
He ainít grabbing his gun
Chillin, killin... Lke a villian.