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I wouldn't p*ss on a Starbucks if it were on fire. And neither should you.
And these are... The Days of our Mofo.
I'm more than a little excited for Pitch Perfect 3. And I don't care who knows it.
Say what you will about that girl. She's a millionaire now. Just like she said she would be.
Originally Posted by Sedai
RE: Capitalism

Still the best system we have for a free society, as flawed as it is.
It's ok to wrong sometimes. But I understand why so many think that.
I really don't imagine I'll ever have the time to put people on ignore.
I always thought Freeney would look good in a Seattle uni.
Oh. You should ban him then. I never liked that guy anyway. He smells like fry oil.
spud isn't banned. He could ban you tho.
I am totally serious. Wait till you see it. The guy just has a meltdown after a cheap little shot to the back.