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Hello truly excellent MoFoers. I hope you're all doing well and healthy.

Thinking about this old place lately.
Heya Harry!
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If we can learn something from this crisis, let it be this.

Why are we not using bidets?

I have a feeling machismo is partially to blame.
Dude... We don't even know how to use the 3 seashells. Wtf is a bidet?
Other helpful tips for a nice strong immune system include: Growing up in damp basements. Getting bit by bugs and spiders. Swimming in mud puddles.
Damn right. Truth box, b*tch!
If you smoke plenty of crack, you'll get a nice strong immune system. This a fact I have learned. And thats all you really need.
Just waiting on that free money from the gov'ment. Imma buy so much crack. So much...
If they're gonna give us a some free money during this thing... Maybe they could just shut the bills off for a few weeks to?
It really just depends what network they use. I got a data plan on this Walmart phone. Its only 10 gigs but they use the Verizon network, so my pretty much always works.
I wonder.
Drinking Corona doesn't seem to be working. Guess it's back to crack!