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I watched this movie one time and it was called Twins. It had Danny devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. They didn't look like twins tho. The movie was very unrealistic.
The Ultimate Warrior vs. A Siberian Tiger. Sounds about right.
Yeah, it's crazy how much time has passed. I was watching a lot of those guys in my pj's. Wow. WWF, was a long time ago. I don't really care but I never did get the full story as to why Vince switched from WWF to WWE. Imagine it had something to do with money.
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Brett Hart and Mr Perfect for me. Those two knew how to wrestle.
True story. The only wwe pay per view I ever watched was the Owen Hart tragedy one. I honestly wasn't really a fan after that. They just show buzzed the sh*t out of it and kept the stupid show going instead of stopping. Left a bad taste in my mouth.
Iron Sheik for me.
USA!!! NOT OK!!!
I miss that guy.
I pay real bitcoin to see that movie happen.
Hopefully its this...
It was the flouride that turned the frogs gay. Floridians strike again.
It's free on Amazon right now. Watch it.
You may be reading it wrong.