The Shoutbox
I remember that guy.
Youtube comment of the year maybe... "A flatearther?s greatest fear is sphere itself..."
I wish I owned sugar. Bet that guy is doing pretty good.
Visualize Whirrled Peas.
Everything is good here in sector 12.
1969 Fender Stratocaster, original pick-ups, maple neck, strung upside down for a left-handed motherf**king genius, Jimi Hendrix. Ford Fairlane
We up to about 50 of those things? Hard to imagine they gonna cover any new ground
Anyone who says they despise cats out loud, is suspect.
Snoring too...
There's really too many similarities to list. The most obvious tho is the penchant to be alone. Most dogs will never leave your side. Pitbulls will. Mine is 10 feet away from me right now, next to the heater. Right next to the cat.