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There should be a tax for standing in water.
What do them scientist's know, anyways? Scientist Shcmientist I always say.
I was really hoping Aretha would make it to at least 100.
Don't have time for MoFo anymore. To busy studying to join the Space Force! I've already legally changed my name to Derek Wildstar, so I feel like I'm gonna be in for sure.
Youtube comment of the day: "When I was a kid, my autotune software was the fan in the living room."

I miss Prince.
Hey, that's a line from one of my favorite movies.
I saw a commercial once where they Crazy glued a guy to his hard hat and hung him from a building. He must have been up there for weeks! That sh*t just doesn't let go. Nah mean?
Originally Posted by Yoda
Nah, it's not a big deal. They only need to replace the teeth in my mouth.

New teef tech has advanced almost as far as "pot-hole filling" tech. At least you probably will get a choice between old growth teef and shiny new growth teef. So that's cool. Do they still use Crazy glue to glue the wooden teef to your gums?