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Only 6 and 3 quarters of a year to go!
Tired of youtube ads on your smartphone? Get the new mozilla browser. Not a single ad and I don't pay for any of that youtube red garbage. Pretty impressive work guys. I used to get an ad literally after every song sometimes. Not any more baby!
Originally Posted by Tacitus
I'm younger than I used to be. Substantially.

See? I love this guy.
You are so old...
Originally Posted by Camo
While asking why you did.

Did you read my shout? I feel like I made myself pretty clear.
You mentioned progress 3 times. Just sayin.
Maybe I'm still salty about The Dark Knight not even receiving a nomination. Cuz I saw the movie and enjoyed the hell out of it. But Fish people don't actually exist, yeah? So, yeah, progress. Now a Science fiction movie can win so maybe a (gasp!) super-hero flick can win it too.

If America is OK with cross-breeding then surely we're OK with a guy in tights winning Best Picture? They were black tights. Pretty manly, I reckon.
So a gal bangs out a fishy lookin dude and can win Best Picture. Is that progress?
I've already seen "the THUMB" twice. Is it possible a THUMB can stop Tom Brady? SAY IT AIN'T SO TOM!!!
They can't be trusted. is what I heard...