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Are we just gonna gloss over the facts? 3 of Kevin Spacey's accusers died in 2019. One of them died shortly after Spacey's 'kill em with kindness' video. This dude is out here taking fools out!
I just wish that just one time... Just ONE time, we could go with option B. Which would be not to drop more bombs on another middle east country.
They say its empty but that don't mean its light.
The impeachment will continue until morale improves.
Coulda watched it on youtube for free and spent the money on crack.
You should become a Shepard. Tendiing a flock and whatnot.
You can learn a lot from a dummy.
How can anyone be alone today? Ever try it? Good luck.
Meatwadsprite just got married. Good for you jason!
Chillin, killin... Lke a villian.