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A strategy that worked well for Agent Mulder.
Fun fact: John Wayne smoked crack.
If there's a top 100 for shouts. That one about the bee hives having small doors has got to be on the list.
There's no more bees. Where's all the honey come from I wonder?
It's legal to own sugar. Sugar is almost as undefeated as the internet.
You know that they are getting rid of bar soap? Kinda makes me sad.
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Things I've often wondered #316:
Why doesn't Austruck have a picture of an Aussie truck as her avatar?
Cuz shes snot Australian... Hehe
The IRS must have fired the guy that takes all the dead folks out of the huge rolodex they still use to keep track of tax payers. Actual quote from a random politician: "We just wanna make sure that all those dead folks send those checks back Asap. There's real people out here that need that money!"
Guess I don't know what you mean by purchasing power.
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Trouble with using your phone to pay for things is not only is your purchasing power limited to the worth of your phone but you also end up needing to buy a constant stream of phones
That's why phones should be free.