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Damn. I loved The Cars. Another great one gone. Gonna miss ya Ric.
The cable is way worser for you than the crack.
Don't want...
Invader Zim is coming to netflix. Yass queen!!!
Somebody farted in here.
Yup. Pretty interesting times in America. A guy like me wonders when the rest of the world gets tired of our schitck
I bet they have that good crack at the Hilton.
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I saw a woman smoking meth/crack in the Walmart parking lot, and then I overheard some people in the store talking about dat rock.

Gotta love the Appalachians.

I gave a guy in a Fred Myers parking lot in WA the benefit of the doubt, "Hey, maybe he's shooting his insulin."

Nope. Definitely speed. Insulin doesn't make you act like that.
I doubt it was speed. We have a heroin epidemic here.
I remember that guy.
Youtube comment of the year maybe... "A flatearther?s greatest fear is sphere itself..."