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  1. 01-17-18
    Nothing to worry about at all, thanks for the comment though.
  2. 09-28-17
    You are not on my ignore!
  3. 08-18-17

    Just wanted to say thanks for actively participating in my recent thread. Replying to every movie and all, much appreciated.

  4. 08-04-17
    Hey. Not sure if you're interested or not but if you do want to send a list it would have to be sometime today as the Countdown is tomorrow.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle   10/01/17
KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE Matthew Vaughn, 2017 When a British spy agency is attacked by a drug cartel,...

Death Note   8/30/17
DEATH NOTE Adam Wingard, 2017 A high school student discovers a magic notebook that has the power to kil...

Boyka: Undisputed IV   8/02/17
BOYKA: UNDISPUTED Todor Chapkanov, 2016 When an MMA fighter accidentally causes the death of his opponen...

A Ghost Story   8/02/17
A GHOST STORY David Lowery, 2017 After a man dies in a car accident, his ghost returns to his home and o...

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