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Honestly, peeps... I've been away for like, 2 years and I'm still 7th on the Leaderboard.
Originally Posted by Sedai

Grueling day...

Like Groundhog Day, just a bit more porridge-y.
MoFo 2010s countdown revealed Phantom Thread....... and it's on UK BBC2 at 23:20.
About 90 minutes from now.
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I finally got around to watching That 90s Show. What a dumpster fire
Big Bang Theory was a better sequel.
Christmas adverts in the UK get earlier every year.

Christmas adverts 2020 started in September.

Christmas ads 2021 started in August.

Ads for Christmas 2022 started in July.
Well, it's official, Christmas adverts for 2023 have already started, Jan 18th.
Not joking. There's been around 30 adverts on TV today.
The dichotomy of good and evil.
Well that's an ominous start to 2023.
Hailstones and thunder.
Undead Frat Party Pizza sounds like an 80s B-Horror.