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Or "Snooping".

"Skulking" is a good one too.
Change it to "Lurking"
Bowen was a famous standup who then worked on the classic TV show Bullseye in the 1980s.
Most people under 30 probably don't know the guy tbh.
He was funny though, he'd manhandle the competitors at the end of the show

Bullseye though was funny as hell because the prizes were always rubbish.

Normally as well, if someone won the main prize, it was usually a speedboat... and the winner was usually from a landlocked county.
Failing that, it was a future-rustbucket like a Maestro or a Ford Escort
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RIP, Stephen Hawking.
This actually made me cry.

Devastating news.
Reminded me of the time when Karl was sent to swim with dolphins... and at last minute, Ricky changed it to swimming with sharks.
Ricky: "Sharks... dolphins... same thing"
Karl: "No it isn't. One is harmless, the other is arm-less."
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Anybody hear about that guy that directed Dredd?
Yeah apparently Pete Travis didn't direct Dredd.
According to Karl Urban, Alex Garland was the director.

There was news back when Dredd was released that Travis was also pushed out of the editing room as well.
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Maybe he should stop hurting all those who care about him and he wouldn't be such a Loner.
Nope, the chat room isn't currently active

It will be though when Yods opens it for the Oscars.
Got one on the site atm posting filler, copying and pasting other people's posts.

2017 MoFo Film Awards:

Only a week left to get nominations in.