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Not got a happy wife this morning ..... she got me a white chocolate bunny and I got her a milk chocolate cow.

Apparently my gift hasn't been deemed that appropriate
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Personally I think milk chocolate is the only appropriate chocolate to make a cow out of
Maybe it's because she's lactose intolerant and diabetic, and as her husband you should have known better.
Watching SOS Titanic (1979).

Seen a few Titanic movies... and James Cameron's Titanic contains scenes that mirror those movies... but SOS Titanic is almost shot for shot, exactly the same as Cameron's movie.
Hell, it even has a returning cast member in David Warner.
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A famous Native American Chief.
Was known for his sarcastic sense of humour.
Nah that's those things you're not supposed to feed after midnight.
It'd be a yub yub.
A special piece introduced to the game in the last 3rd that takes out all the pawns using sticks, rocks and bolas.
About 90 minutes to go then... Chat will open soon
Exactly 3 hours to go for Avengers Weekend!
Watching a TV movie because there's nothing else on telly right now.

Beyond Loch Ness (2008)

Bless, the cast are trying their best at doing Scottish accents and somehow they've all ended up sounding like Walter Koenig
Exactly 24 hours to go till Avengers Weekend kicks off!
I think at his busiest, Will was shouting like 25 times a day, every day.