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I envision one The Rodent standing against a balcony rail, laptop and a meat pie in hand, swooning and calling out, "O Ratmeo, Ratmeo! wherefore art thou Ratmeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, Vader! Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my Photoshop needs for the coming Countdown, else I'll no longer be a MOFO!"


Or something along those lines.
I was chanting Saruman spells at the weather to keep it sunny so I can paint these new planters tbh before it pisses down.
I stuck a post in that lockdown thread seeing as there's already loads of pics of my garden in there
I'm back, kinda

Past week I've been having building work done on the balcony... been stupidly busy the past week.
A dung beetle walks into a bar and asks...

"Is this stool taken?"
Weird thing with the Lotto in the UK...

I checked the stats a few years back on winners and it was like, 99% of the winners since the Lotto started in 1994 live in the Greater London area.

Basically already millionaires.
Is the word "Queue" just a Q followed by four silent letters?

Are the "e's" in "Bee" silent?

And in the word "Scent"... is the S silent or the C silent?
"My advice to you, if you want to lose a bit of weight: don't eat anything that comes in a bucket."
- Billy Connolly
Wilford Apples?
Are they bred to be extra sweet?
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yama yama yama YAAAAH-muh.
*sprinkles voodoo dust*
Hit the report button on them, Sookie