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Actually, you can get Vanilla Zero. But all types of that Zero stuff tastes like plastic.
Originally Posted by Velvet
Vanilla coke or Cherry coke?

who you pickin
I'd have to say Cherry, because the Diet Vanilla Coke is not available anymore in the UK.
All you can get is regular Vanilla, which isn't anywhere near as nice as the Diet stuff.
Meh, the commentary on Moon is my fave. They were told not to mention brand names... but they do so repeatedly to see if they can get free goodies.
At one point they start talking about Lexus
The 3 12 packs to go with the half ton of Sour Patch Kids you bought yesterday
Originally Posted by Yam12
Originally Posted by cat_sidhe
I rewatched them all a year ago, felt too soon for me to rewatch again. I'll be there for Avengers.
Not too interesting Avengers. What's gonna be after that?

The schedule at the moment is Avengers in April, then the two Blade Runners in November.

I think Cat wants to do a Friday 13th Weekend?
It's all good.
First time a MoFo Weekend has had a cancellations across the board.

Avengers should hopefully get some attention though.
Jurassic Weekend is over now

No interest this weekend for the movies.
Put them all in your mouth at the same time and see if your head turns inside out.
Jurassic World cancelled as well.

Change to the schedule for tomorrow's Jurassic movies.
No Fallen Kingdom... only JP tomorrow at 8pm British time.

Hope you guys can make JP tomorrow
Jurassic Park 3 is a no show in Discord so is cancelled.

Jurassic World kicks off in 2 hours, 15 minutes at 11:30pm British Time.

We are also going to open the MoFo Chat Room for Jurassic World an hour before kick off.