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ahh my back is killing me
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Ain't NOBODY best say nuthin' bad about In the Mouth of Madness!
So many double negatives here I actually don't know if this sentence is grammatically correct or not.
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Ugh. Dreamt I was being attacked repeatedly by a seven-foot tall dripping peanut with a Southern twang last night. Had to hunt around the country to find a nine-foot high pan in which to boil him to make it stop. Not fun, not fun at all

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My mom going to war with the insurance company over $25 is something else.

When you start doing the math on "billable" hours she spends and the fact that a dining room table is rendered useless...


Spending $940 calling a premium rate number to the company that overbilled you $0.30c is how they get ye.
Is there a thread for a "favourite scene" ?

Found a couple for horror and action, but not a general thread for any old movie...
There's a Dopplegangers thread as well.
Yep, back now
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What a crappy thing to do - bees suck!!
Actually, they poop. In your slippers.