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I'd eat Durian raw before i'd eat any kind of eggs.
You need to try Scotch Eggs.
They're lush.
Sprinkle some asafoetida on it
Asafoetida is bad...

But common foods... for me I can't eat cauliflower.
Tasteless yet does nothing but make your farts smell like a dumpster.
Gherkin's dipped in Marmite and layered on cheese.
Now that's just sick.
The square meat is kinda smoky.
It's got round meat on it, some square meat on it, and some little ball shaped meat on it that's spicy... loads of cheese... and some herbified tomato sauce...
Anyway, I got PIZZA!!!
Marmite has to be eaten one way though.

So much of it per bite, that it makes your face hurt just under the ears.

Cheese sammich with Marmite... forget the margarine, just lather the bread with Marmite.
Marmite on chips (fries)... just get a spoon, dip a good spoonful of Marmite, and then let it drizzle on the chips like you would with ketchup.

If your mouth doesn't hurt while eating it... you're not using enough