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Phew. I found enough tea leaves for one more pot. Serenity restored.
Could be worse.
Could have found enough pot leaves for one more tea.
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Next week: Zak uses a Sega Megadrive lightgun to actually kill a ghost. Again.
Serious? I've never seen that lol!
The one today was funny.

They were asking questions... and nothing answered them... but an apparent spirit voice came on the voice box... in a totally different room.

Bagans: "Oh that's because sometimes when we ask questions, spirits in other rooms and other areas of the building will answer us"
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Oh, it gets better.

I saw an episode where they wondered why the figures they map on the Kinect are always tiny.

"Maybe it's because ghosts are smaller than when they were human?"

No, it's because you're hunting for ghosts with an Xbox Kinect...

Even so, it's a show I try not to miss. Bagans has a flair for the dramatic I really dig.

Oh, those are ghosts of children.
Child ghosts.

Even though they're in a mental asylum that never had kids in it.

"Oh in that case it must be the child of a person who was held here looking for their parent"

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Ghost Adventures uses an Xbox 360 Kinect as 'tech'...

I love that show, but for all the wrong reasons. I've said it before, but if you listen to the rafters in my house cooling down at night, those chuckleheads would have enough material for 3 episodes.

I never even realised that lol! Just checked Google. Yeah they use Xbox devices to hunt for ghosts lololol!
I'm gonna fund myself a trip to Geneva and see if I can communicate with the spirit of Frankenstein's Monster.
I love Ghost Adventures myself. So funny watching those morons and their "tech".

Yesterday they were snooping around Bran Castle looking for Count Dracula.

"Let's see if we can communicate with the spirit of Dracula... the feared vampire of Transylvania"

Like... guys... you are aware it was a made up story by an Irish writer... right? I mean, Vlad was real... but he was simply a tyrant.

It's about as feasible as going to the Manhattan Museum of Art to look for Vigo The Carpathian.
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Fingerbobs was better.
Loom Bands as well.
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Fidgit Spinners are just Powerballs for kids, no?

I was explaining to my kids about those things.
I called them the millennium version of Hula Hoops and POGS... and then had to explain those as well.