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Been busy this year with avis... most of it self-imposed but still... Christmas fun on MoFo
Woman's 2019 World Cup... opening match is England v Scotland
Got a mahoosive storm just hit here.
Must be at least 50mph winds.
Feels like it's gonna blow the windows in.
I eat all the cake.
I'm usually full of coffee.
And cake.
Originally Posted by Miss Vicky
Gremlins is absolutely a Christmas movie. It's set on Christmas Eve.

Die Hard is Christmas too. Screw that internet poll.

I want a wife like this.
The Last Jedi was released at Christmastime too.

Totally a Christmas movie.
Also, I've got a surprise for the kids...

This Christmas Eve I'll be showing them Krampus
Anyway, with the recent arguments and that online poll declaring Die Hard as not being a Christmas movie...

... and yes, I do class it as a Christmas movie...

... but what about Gremlins?