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And donít get me started on BlackBerry.
I want pie now
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Highly debating getting rid of the recliner. I feel like itís hindering my productivity.

In that case, it should be rename The Decliner.
Might be the rationing I've been doing tbh.
Eating air and drinking steam... gives me the sh*ts.

Magna Farta: The Rodent's Eau De Toilette Range:
Don't know what's wrong with my stomach, but I sat on the toilet and did such a massive fart I swear it pushed all the water round the U-bend.
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I vote mineral.

You got the same ones in your garden?
Close up of the tiny flowers:
Any gardeners out there help me with this?
No idea what it is...

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So my laptop is getting delivered today. God bless the US Postal system.

Didn't know laptops had livers to begin with.
Delivered. De-livered.

Get it?