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That was funny. I was recently sent a notification for being quoted by Holden. He was answering a question I asked. As we all know, I haven't been around in forever. Asking questions, anyways. So I realized that it was a question from 2007. At first I was laughing at how long it took him to answer, and then I realized he had answered it back in 2007. The thread was recently bumped, so I suppose it is simply trying to catch up with that new setting/feature. It's suddenly not funny.
I won't look the photo up on here right now, because it is probably through Photo Buttheads, but my kitty of 18 years . . . Thomas . . . died a couple weeks ago. I've lost way too many family members, pets (Same difference in my book), and friends these past several years. It is really starting to wear me down.
Go Big Orange and hot damn, man!!!
Now that I've been to the thread, it looks like Vamp's prediction was accurate. She received a bunch of lists near the end. That's cool. I'll have to get to my computer for this.
Hey! How have you been? I have had one super fast and busy Spring and Summer. I can't believe it's almost over with.
That should be hours . . . ooops! We have hours.
Wow! I've never been mobile before. I thought, "Wow, how boring!" Then I logged in.

So anyways . . . It looks like Vamp needs more lists of our favorite movies from the 40's. I'll get one in within the next few days. If you haven't made one yet, maybe you can give it a go.

p.s. I sure hope this doesn't burn up my 6 gbs real fast. I like my cheap cell phone bill.
Hmmmm, my avatar needs to be updated.
GBG, that's a great profile banner. I had to click you're pic, to see who repped me. That's why I'm just now noticing it. Well, there's that, and I've been away for the past month.

My computer is crap, and I can't stand using this Kindle. It drives me nuts. I won't be buying anything new for a long while, and my sister has our spare computer for now. Soooo . . . that is that.
Originally Posted by The Rodent
Use IE.

I don't see why people hate on IE so much tbh. I've never had trouble with it and see nothing spectacular about other browsers that makes me want to change.

I did give Chrome a go once... and it downloaded a Trojan Virus that took me days to get rid of.

Anyway... where's that Halloween Quiz?

I used Internet Explorer for forever, and I did love it. I think I had a problem with something here, and had to switch. It's happening again . . .

This site can抰 provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

That quiz will have to wait, although it sounds like a fun idea for this weekend. I'll get back with you. I have soooo much going on here, and ten times the amount in my everyday life. Things are kind of nuts, yet again. They calmed down for about a month, though. That was a first since foreeeeever ago. I'm here to tell ya, and it was damned nice. As long as nothing else nuts happens, things should calm back down in roughly 4 to 6 weeks. I'm a patient lady.