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Hmmmm, my avatar needs to be updated.
GBG, that's a great profile banner. I had to click you're pic, to see who repped me. That's why I'm just now noticing it. Well, there's that, and I've been away for the past month.

My computer is crap, and I can't stand using this Kindle. It drives me nuts. I won't be buying anything new for a long while, and my sister has our spare computer for now. Soooo . . . that is that.
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Use IE.

I don't see why people hate on IE so much tbh. I've never had trouble with it and see nothing spectacular about other browsers that makes me want to change.

I did give Chrome a go once... and it downloaded a Trojan Virus that took me days to get rid of.

Anyway... where's that Halloween Quiz?

I used Internet Explorer for forever, and I did love it. I think I had a problem with something here, and had to switch. It's happening again . . .

This site can抰 provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

That quiz will have to wait, although it sounds like a fun idea for this weekend. I'll get back with you. I have soooo much going on here, and ten times the amount in my everyday life. Things are kind of nuts, yet again. They calmed down for about a month, though. That was a first since foreeeeever ago. I'm here to tell ya, and it was damned nice. As long as nothing else nuts happens, things should calm back down in roughly 4 to 6 weeks. I'm a patient lady.
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Seemed like such a better alternative to Photobucket.
It still is.

Chrome sucks today. It is hating the security whatevers for this site. It said something about it. I can't recall, but man oh man, do I hate Firefox.
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Checking imgur... seems file size is the issue with uploads.
Given that some of the images I do are huge I might have to find another host.

Shame. Seemed like such a better alternative to Photobucket.

I'll agree with you there. I was trying to get a very large image to load, back when I first joined there, and I finally just closed the page. It was never going to happen.

Someone on here mentioned another image upload site. Maybe you can find that shout, and give it a go. I rarely have a large image to load, and I can just resize it, if and when it happens again.
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Anyone else using Imgur?

Suddenly I can't upload images. I've had to go back to using photobucket again
I just logged in and tried. It's working fine for me. I'm sorry about that, me dear. I truly hate the bucket, so I feel your pain.
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Just got my tax return in. Owe significantly less than I'd expected.
What do you think children are for!?!
Speaking of, this is my last year with my daughter on them.

Trust me, you guys pop a few out, and you will actually get some money back.

Just funnin'!
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Just got my tax return in. Owe significantly less than I'd expected.
What do you think children are for!?!
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There's something that always makes me smile. No matter how down and depressed I feel...

Facial Muscles.
Work those babies. It'll keep you young looking. Jack LaLanne.

That just reminded me of something. I saw it very early yesterday morning. I was watching a movie on On Demand (Damn, now I just remembered something I was suppose to do . . . and a storm just started. [email protected]!!!)

Anyways . . . after the movie, there was one of those shows on that pushes products. Of course it was some amazing lotion that worked like a miracle. Oddly enough, all four women have had face lifts. Do they really think we don't know, or can't tell!?! That annoys me. It just does.

I'm burning my cookies!!!!!!!!
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bleh. mornings and i have a long history of hatred for each other. coffee is only a distraction.
Hello Mr. Thumb. I had a reply to your PM way back, and apparently I never finished it. Don't ask.

Anyways, I was naming the six Thumb movies that exist, and telling you that The Blair Thumb is my favorite. There's also Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle, FrankenThumb, God Thumb, Thumbtanic, and Bat Thumb.
Oooh, I have the whole collection! They're hilarious! I'll have to watch them again and figure out if I have a favorite.
Oh, that's cool. I figured I'd be alone on this. I love them all. They are hilarious. I wish he'd make something new.