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Personally, I like being invisible. It really works for me.

As far as the humidity goes, I remember when we first moved here, I literally stopped in my tracks and asked what in the world was wrong with their air. I suppose living in Tampa, right near the coast, really helped. I do love this state. It is my home and I was born here. However, all the clay instead of sand and the freezing winters do suck.
Sorry I missed your post. I see that it was a long time ago. I'm going to take a wild guess that you're gone, since I can't see it.
Did he ditch the "Who's on board" screen? I can't find it.
I suppose I forgot how the smiley faces work.
"OLD!!!" :-D

How are you doing, Powdered Wawa?
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
I miss Florida.

I miss the beach and the lack of humidity. The humidity in Tennessee is about to kill me.
This site is a mess on my poor little phone.
Crap, I can't remember the damn codes for the Smiley's around here.
I've been watching a lot of movies I've never seen before. I'm up to 77% on the top 100 horror movie list that I created years and years ago. You know, that old old old list. :P
Surviving. Having a wonderful time with my family. I've had a strong feeling since the new year that this year will be a lot better. So far so good. We shall see what else it has in store.