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Crap, I can't remember the damn codes for the Smiley's around here.
I've been watching a lot of movies I've never seen before. I'm up to 77% on the top 100 horror movie list that I created years and years ago. You know, that old old old list. :P
Surviving. Having a wonderful time with my family. I've had a strong feeling since the new year that this year will be a lot better. So far so good. We shall see what else it has in store.
Hello!!! How are you?

You too, Rodent?
Hey hey hey, watch it on that old remark. ;-)
Scratch that. I just found it. I must have done something wrong when I marked everything off as viewed. I saw only 0% down my entire list, so I didn't think it was there. Oops!!!
What happens to the old one? I've noticed there have been quite a few that have been done over and over, but whatever happens to the old lists from a long time ago?
Do movie lists fall off of our profiles eventually? I just filled in what I've seen from my top one hundred horror movies, but I don't see that list from what's posted in my profile.
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Anyone else get woke up by fireworks?
We were some of the people on this planet that were guilty of shooting off fireworks. Yep, it is illegal here. Oops!!!!
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Merry New Year! 2019 is going to be a good year...
Hello there!!! Long time no talk. I agree with you. I have a strong feeling it's going to be a better year. I'm sort of looking forward to a new decade, to be honest. Eight close members of my family and six of my pets have all passed away during these past eight years. I feel a little run-down, but I'm still doing what I can to enjoy life. It's weird, but I keep feeling like this year is going to be a lot better. I'm sure it will be.

I hope you and yours have been doing well. You probably won't even see this. I'll leave it anyway. :-)