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I am so surprised that Jumpin' Jack Flash is not on the female director's list. I did a search on the thread and it's not even mentioned.
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Just pcked up a widescreen mint conditoon Ferris Bueller's Day Off on LASERDISC, as well as a gatefold special edish of Aliens in widescreen, and last but not least...Daaaa'Burbs...PAN AND SCAN.
I remember numerous years ago ... and I do mean numerous ... watching my VHS of The 'BURBS so many times, I wore it out. I freakin' love that movie. All three of those movies are great, but The 'BURBS is an all-time favorite.
Iro . . . . I'm sorry I missed the Female Directors thread. I never turned my votes in. I'm just now noticing the email. So sorry!!! I shouldn't have said I do it.
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Thank you! You know, the day after I asked that question, I started getting notifications for Letterboxd on my phone. This is the first time I've been here since I asked that question.

The other day I Googled on my phone about a central heat and air unit. Today I received a great offer in my mailbox from a local heat and air company. First time ever.

They're watching us.

Nosy bastards!
Can someone tell me the name of the website we used to go to that we added are movie collections to? Not the movie Aficionado site, but the other site.
Damn, that's longer than I pictured it would be.
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Welcome back, Desi!
Hope things are getting sorted now
Well, I'm trying. I was supposed to make a few important calls today. I've taken on this new habit of watching movies and television shows non stop to distract myself from life. I should say it worked wonderfully today. I didn't get one damn thing done. Oops!!!!

How have things been going for you, my dear? I hope everything's okay.

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In any case, if you can put together a decent-sized list (if you can't manage the full 25, aim for at least 10) then that'll be great, but I'll understand if that's a long shot. You certainly seem to have a lot going on right now anyway.
Ummmm . . . . I sort of forgot again. I'm truly sorry. I do this a lot lately. I forget quite a bit here and there. About 6 months ago I started cutting out a big piece of cardboard and making a calendar of the present month. It's the only way I won't forget all my bills I have to pay, appointments I need to keep, etc . . . . I call it my Duh Board. Thanks for being so sweet about it.

How has life been treating you? I hope everything's been going great.
So sorry!!!
Iro, I've got to be honest. I don't remember ever saying I'd make one of those lists of female directors. I hate to say this, but I never started working on one. I see that I only have 2 days left. I doubt I'll be able to get one worked up, but we shall see.
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Hullooo Destiny. How are you?
Sorry for the extremely delayed reply. I don't suppose it was a welcome back, after all. Life has been a little tough from the ending of last year, through the start of this year. As I posted before, one of my cats died. Since then, both my sister-in-law and Aunt have died. After that, my sister's cat died. Her cat was the sister to the only cat I have left inside. They are/were around 18 years of age. My cat has been doing pretty good, minus a few bladder infections, etc . . . I can't help but to worry, though. Anyways, between all that, plus more issues with my spine, nerve damage, severely high blood pressure due to pain, etc . . . It's been nuts. There are actually two to three great things that should be working out for me very soon. I'm just too superstitious to mention them, until they work out. After these past few years, can you blame me!?!