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I didn't hate it, and I rather enjoyed the musical numbers, but was annoyed by both Depp's performance and Burton's penchant for inserting his Daddy issues into his films, which in this one, was pretty heavy handed.
I would roll that magic loss back to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, myself.
I confess I have yet to see that one.
I am partial to Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, and Ed Wood. Big Fish is also excellent. I enjoy those mostly for the art direction, as I think Burton is a much better art guy than a director. His best directed film is probably Ed Wood.
And both parties have lost the plot on immigration.
Meanwhile, Dems keep doubling down on issues that only seem to divide their own party. Well done!
I have a couple friends that live down that way, but they have both already evacuated inland.
Since Jim Carrey is now all about Socialism, I would like to be the first to volunteer to give him exactly half of my stuff. I will of course be expecting exactly half of his stuff, as well.
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I liked it, but it did have its flaws.
I think it's possibly just not my kind of thing. I haven't gotten excited about any of the new Star Wars. I liked the old ones.

Nothing beats the old ones for me, but I grew up with those, so they occupy a special place in my nostalgic heart.
Agree on Whitaker, though!