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WB Cat!
Originally Posted by John McClane
Yeah, that could be it. I'll rewatch on the 4K.

I do like the show, though. Just wish the dude was smarter. I felt like I was watching a vigilante wanna be in most of the action scenes.

4K doesn't even help for me, which is why I am still watching on plasma tech (RIP). Too bad it can't scale to 4K. Oh well.
You watching on an LCD TV?

I feel like that **** makes everything look cheap.
Oh, and good morning!
Originally Posted by John McClane
I watched The Mandalorian last night. I was expecting a bigger budget and a smarter bounty hunter.

I might as well be watching Dog the Bounty Hunter.
*Has a budget in line with final season of GoT, at around 15 million per episode*

What are you on about?
Originally Posted by John McClane
It's biased both ways. It's double biased. It's a double biased sword.

OK, i'm sick of the word biased now
Not as sick as I am of "Quid Pro Quo!"
Ah yes, the clearly unbiased and totally fair proceedings. A total farce. A Kangaroo Court. Stalin would be proud!
Hi all!
Good morning, everyone!