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I re-watched the original last year and realized I probably should have just left it in the past with whatever nostalgia it had for me, as I found that it didn't hold up very well this time around.
I signed up for Operant Conditioning Via Tacos.
Fair points. I do see the thumbnails roll by constantly, but I am kind of a beeline watcher on YT etc. I open the app and click on the podcast I came to see, then close YT etc.
Right there with you - Have watched exactly 0 seconds of that crap so far, and plan to keep it that way!
Heard that was dire. Let us know how it is!
But, this is a the ballot for comedies. Wait...are we doing thrillers?

*Calls Michael Jackson*
I have my ballot down to 30 titles... getting closer!
Still working on my list. Probably won't be done today.
Originally Posted by AgrippinaX
Black Mirror is back! Yay.
It's been playing since 2020, yea?
Unless "I'm sure I mixed the catch phrase up." IS the catch phrase, in which case you totally nailed it!