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Yeah, I'll be at a metal festival.

\M/ \M/

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My country is a travesty.
Did you move out of the USA or something? Regardless of the current administration, it is still the best place to live in the history of the world, as far as I am concerned. Exceptional, I would say.
McClane has been won over! I recall he had a rough patch of time with WIN 10 at first. I think most folks do.
Weird, I run Pro-Tools 10 and 12 on Win 10 with no issues. It took some time, but I definitely prefer 10 to 7 now. *shrugs*
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Woooo. Do tell. Is there another Mofo bub on the way?
Not that I know of! I have just been super busy with random life stuff. Weather is getting warmer, so I tend to not want to be indoors as much during these months.
Sure is!
At times! Lately, I have been a busy fellow, with very little time to hang out online.
Is Intermission not included in the Now Playing sidebar anymore? that the sun I see in the sky??

It burnnnsssss ussssssssss!
I watched that last night, too! Good stuff.