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Where do you monitor who is selling?

Also: In scary news: I am watching the Governor's address here in MA, live, and he has a health expert speak, who begins outlining the cast tracing system they want to implement. The lady starts talking, and all sorts of Orwellian **** starts coming out, about monitoring people's phones in real time, and location tracing them for days and then linking them to other nearby phones and then tracing those people in real time. The media people start hammering her for it and they end up cutting away to some other random news show for 5 minutes, then cutting back to the Gov address, and the lady is gone.

Send help!
A game to be played only if you know how the bend the rules the right way...
Agreed. I will join you in condemning the process, simply because I didn't have the balls to pull the trigger, If I had, I would be arguing for the efficacy of the system, and condemning you. I am a man that stands by his morals!
RE: Zoom - They are in a ton of hot water. Sell, Sell!
Originally Posted by Austruck
Oh, and yeah, I sure wish I had Zoom stock right about now.

We did buy 100 shares of Carnival stock this past week.

I did a call with someone around MAR 15 or so, and I thought to myself "I bet this app will be huge. I should buy some shares." The stock was about 107 bucks at the time. I didn't pull the trigger. Whoops!
I've decided to start a side business myself, if you can call it that. From here on out, All MoFos can pay me $50 to NOT send them a nude photo of myself. Trust me, it's totally worth it!
Lock and load, mister!
Originally Posted by John McClane
Well, right now, I have toilet paper that you wouldn't get even on the Soviet block.

You don't even need to hold it up to the light to see through it.
In Soviet USA, TP hold you up!
Good morning, everyone!