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Too late.

Morning all!
Six months ago we were allegedly on the verge of a nuclear conflict. This week, Trump and Kim Jong Un are sitting down to talk about dismantling NK nuke program.

Start making sense, reality!
Looks like I will actually be hanging out for the Oscar chat this eve!
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Finalized my Oscar Picks. My scores have been:


I am always middle-of-the-pack with my picks. I have seen more of the contenders this year, and since I consider myself to be the most informed I have ever been before the Oscars, I am sure I will drop down to the bottom third in this years standings!
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Fair warning: this is the week where I bother all of you with notices and overlays and PMs imploring you to make your Oscar picks.

It's okay if you haven't seen a lot of the films, it's just a prediction game. Costs nothing, and hey, maybe you'll win a free movie. Go for it!
I keep changing them around....I will settle on final picks at some point!
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Send herself all the way to Americky with but one instruction - to bring me home some 501's and the Levis Shop has gone from the mall. Do Pennsylvanians no longer wear proper trousers or summat???
In Soviet USA, Levis wear you!
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I don't even think I want to hear Stryker again. It stuck though. As soon as I read Sedai's post the chorus was in my head.
Just be glad I didn't remind you guys about John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! That will get stuck in someone's head for days!
Soldiers Under Command is still bad ass. Admit it!
The story is a bit long and perhaps too involved for the Shoutbox, but in short, there are questions as to who actually painted the two versions, when they were painted, and why the second version was changed in certain ways. The Archangel Uriel is no longer pointing at John the Baptist, and the angle of her gaze is no longer a side-eye at the viewer that perhaps hinted at a deeper meaning to her gestures. I won't elaborate too much on the gestures, but some interpretations are rather macabre, almost as if the virgin is holding an invisible head, and Uriel is drawing her finger across its throat.

So, the first version was allegedly kicked back by the church that commissioned it for violating dogmatic principle, and for being borderline sacrilegious.

Pretty interesting stuff, but kind of rife with conjecture and speculation.