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This silly "work" thing keeps getting in the way of my MoFoing!
I was in a mall this past weekend; very few people there. Malls are a relic of the past.
Originally Posted by Mr Minio
Agalloch? What is it, 2012?

Yea, so weird that an album from 2012 appears on Ultra's "Best of the decade" list.
Originally Posted by Ultraviolence
Agalloch at number !! One of my wife's favorite bands ever. Glad to see Katatonia on your list, as well.
Welcome back, StarrDarcy!
Good morning, all!
It's a sad day, folks...

RIP Neil Peart.
Originally Posted by Iroquois
And yet we still don't get the three seashells.
Elon Musk is on that...