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One of their legs were both the same!
Sounds like they need a new IT guy!

Either that or you spend 3 early-morning hours under a bridge in Harlem trying to figure out which piece of paper in your wallet is your parking claim ticket for the elevator garage, so you can retrieve your car, which you need to drive 350 miles back to Boston. At some point during all this, perhaps you might come to the conclusion that hey, since I can't see well enough to read these pieces of paper, maybe I shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle, and and Hey! WTF am I doing under a bridge in Harlem?
In Soviet MoFo, shout delete you!
Hit up that gym!
Lunch time for me.

*Eats Sandwich*
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Not you too.

Steve. The guy. You know who Steve is. Think Superman when he starts smoking cigs and grows the 5 oclock shadow.

You know Steve. Come on man, Im hanging on by a thread. I cant be the only one firing off the emails to the complaint department.

Ah, right...right... I got you now, Bob!
I may or may not have bundled my daughter in the Randy suit this winter...
The Big Clock is excellent...