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If I would let just one celebrity get gropey with me, it would definitely be Mel Brooks. It used to be Earnest Borgnine, but I had to let him go after his role in Frozen Stupid.
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That's really cool that something like that happened.

How many questions did you get in?
If you're a huge fan of someone (musician, actor, whatever) and you get a chance to do a VIP sort of thing, even if you have to dump it on your credit card and pay it back for years, it's totally worth it.
Sage financial advice!
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Wish I never got rid of my Pokemon cards. I saw a Charizard card going for 200 bucks at the state fair expo gallery last weekend. Damn

I sold many of my special land cards from M:TG for 200 each or so. I sold a mint foil Uncommon card for over close to 300!

I had many cards in sets of 4, with each card n the set going for between 100-200 bucks.

That said, I am most likely still in the hole as far as that game is concerned. Blech!
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So you're saying your wedding was a magical gathering.

I see what you did there!
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I sold my set for around $200 when I got out. Not bad considering their original cost.

Sold a large portion of my most valuable M:TG cards in 2016. Used the funds to pay for my wedding.
Would this be an inappropriate time for a crude joke?
I'm triggered!
Good morning, all!

This week there was a sale at the grocery store, and i got two nice sized angus (choice rated) steaks for 4 bucks each. Grilled those bad boys up last night and they were soooo good. Fresh green beans and some rice pilaf. Two people eat steak dinner for about 11 bucks...
That's what you get for going to McDs!
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Bullock 2020
He has about the same chance as Gabbard in 2020, which is to say not a chance in hell.