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Stay safe out there, everyone!
Man, busy week! As we start to reopen, we are getting slammed at work! (Don't say it, ynwtf... )

Anyway...not much MoFo time this week.

Good morning, all!
Hi all!
Originally Posted by John McClane
$nok is going strong today

My entire portfolio was cranking today. Green day, for sure!
I hope you are right...
Get out of that stock, and fast. Wasn't it up yesterday? You sold and took profit, right?
If you want a (free) video lesson from yours truly, just let me know!
I just sold one of my older guitars last weekend, and ordered a slick new one with a maple neck. The new guitar was a bit less than the cost of the new one, so I even made a little cash on the deal!
McClane - Not sure if you are still in on UAVS, but it is up 40% today...
Good morning, all!
Farmer should be on the other side, so they can have the left arm on the door to get the uneven tan...