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Yoders next shout is gonna be 20000. Better be good one eh?
Yeah, most of the places around here closed earlier after re-opening and haven't gone back to the old hours.

Understandable, but the difference between a grocery store closing at 9:00 PM versus 10:00 PM is pretty big and comes up for us a lot (since I play softball most evenings and we often can't pick up anything on the way home any more).
Was gonna be "good" diet-wise but in celebration of our house sale our realtor got us a gift card to an Italian place, so we ordered some for pickup yesterday, so we're having a little spaghetti celebration this weekend before getting back on the wagon.

Got a few months until a trip to the west coast, though, followed by another trip to Maryland a few weeks after.
The high's dropping like 25 degrees from Thursday to Saturday.
Ugh, that's what I was afraid of. I haven't seen it yet and looking at the runtime I kinda worried it would drag. Which is a stupid thing to have to say about a Bond movie, but I was genuinely drowsy during Skyfall.
Oof. Sorry MattJohn. Feel better.
That's actually amusing coming from the guy who delivered the Cuckoo clock quote in The Third Man.
I think that's right. I think a lot of the best of the best in all sorts of professions (athletes being a notable example) are probably perpetually unhappy and probably exhibit traits that would be unacceptable in society except for their level of success.
Have to agree re: Cruise. Very good actor, very dedicated, fun to watch. Maybe the dedication is inseparable from all the, eh, wacky stuff.
It was 90 here yesterday.

That feeling you have right now is how I feel every time you reply to me.