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Hopefully, an improvement on the first 11 yams.
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Knew there was something that'd make you break the law.
I'm a loner, Dotty. A rebel.
There's a whole Tumblr dedicated to signs where people put quotes around words for emphasis. It's...difficult to read.

There's a restaurant parking lot near here that I walk the dog by a lot that does the same thing. Seriously considering grammar-based vandalism.
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it seems quite active for a dead site
zombie site then
super ded
Kinda related, but I decided to buy one of those windshield cover things to try to avoid spending 20 minutes scraping ice off most mornings. Tried it for the first time last night and of course it turned out not to be necessary today. Hmm. Might need to learn more about what levels of humidity I actually need it for, or else just put it on every time.

This has definitely been a "just buy the thing that can prevent the daily annoyance" year.
I think they literally made that illegal here a number of years ago (or else I just became aware of the law), since it flies off at certain speeds and can hit other cars.

Not sure I see it enforced, and it's not always plausible to get it all off, but I always make sure not to drive with a huge layer, at least.
Good, because as far as I'm concerned ghosts are just life-alts and will be banned on sight.
I did not let the dogs out and I defy you to prove I had any involvement with the incident at all.