The Shoutbox
Yeah I have a longer clip where my cat even turns and looks at the camera like "dude, can you believe this?"
So, uh, I think our theory about the divebombing mockingbird protecting a nest was probably right, because here's what my porch was like today:

Probably bots not sophisticated enough to get past the additional levels of security and stuff, at least at first. Maybe they have a thing that tells them if their bots fail and they try to do it manually.
Yeah, it's weird how people understand that you can't stop people from doing X, while simultaneously naively believing you can totally stop them from doing Y. People's belief in the efficacy of government is very often not consistent across issues, and it seems like most of them don't even register the clear dissonance.
The part that's fair is making sure people don't confuse vaping for a harmless activity, with all the kiddie-style flavors, but that has to be balanced against how often it's actually being done by grown men and women coming from pack-a-day habits.
I don't have any technical dispute with the stuff about vaping and its risks, but I'm a little perturbed at how often the activism directed at it fails to acknowledge that it's usually a substitute for tons of actual smoking. It might not be good, but it's often a lot better than what people were doing before. I know people who are definitely better off and healthier for the switch, even if it would obviously be best if they quit all forms of smoking.
Aww. Hope he relaxes soon.
I prefer: