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Bought a car a few months ago that has a dimmer built into the rearview for that kinda thing and I'm kinda amazed at how well it works.
Thanks guys.

Yeah, I was letting the dog out. Dang spammers timed it perfectly!
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Looks like I'm stickin' to mobile : P
Oh, there'll be something judgey there before long.
Giant Oscar man in the header is staring at you and judging you. Unless you already made your picks, in which case he's watching over you.
Well, welcome back.
I just eat a lot of sugar-free popsicles sometimes, usually when I'm dieting and need something really low calorie to keep me busy instead of actual snacks.
Guess who has two thumbs and just spent $36 on popsicles?

That is indeed an option for whoever wins. Would be happy to accommodate that.
Have at it:

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Lemme know if you guys notice any mistakes or bugs so I can fix 'em quckly.
Picks are entered into the system, just ironing out a few kinks.