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@Yoda I don't know how to post directly in the Reviews section.
Write out your review in the Go Advanced section rather than the Quick Reply.
At the bottom of the text box you'll see a tick box for inclusion in the reviews section.

That will send a message to the Mod team so they can check over your review.

For inclusion, your review will need to be more than just a few sentences. Like, it'll need to be a full on review of the movie.
Addendum: next to that checkbox you'll see a sentence with a link. The link has some rough guidelines for what we look for.

If you have any other questions, please PM me or Tacitus and we'll be happy to answer!
Nah, this stuff predates everything that's been going on the last few months.
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Its supposedly gonna beat hot around here, so I'm gonna be sure to leave a few extra cups of water layin around the house. Safety first, I says.
Plus, you're covered in case any aliens want to abduct you.
The username has a space.
I thought the last few posts were pretty clearly heading down that same road.
I think the Star Wars one was the best, if I had to recommend one.

They are very silly. Like everything Oedekerk does, they'll whiplash between brilliant silly and stupid silly, but if you don't mind that, there's some pretty good stuff in there.
Yeah, I hadn't checked in awhile but I assumed he was done. Oh well.
I loved those thumb movies. Aren't we still waiting on Thumbatrix? I remember that was "coming soon" and I dunno if it ever happened. He went on to other stuff.