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If so, I can understand that, the LOTR work was so massive and consuming, I'm sure, that looking past it probably didn't make any sense. So then you finish and take a break and...then what?
Yeah, in retrospect it was a lame thing for Jackson to do at that point in his career. He had all this cachet, I think he should've done something more audacious, and maybe smaller.

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe he'd always wanted to do his version of that story, but it almost feels like he didn't know what to do and felt he had to do something else "big" even though there really wasn't a ton to add there.
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I never partially agree with anyone.
Heh. Bird crap not a huge problem here/not one that's bothered me much, at least.

I think the most compelling argument is, once they start salting the streets, it probably cuts down on undercarriage damage and stuff.

It saves wear on my tires just to be parked in a garage instead of the street?
If it makes any difference I don't care about my car getting dented or scratched or anything really. Just about reliability and longevity, for the most part.
Yeah, I guess maybe it would help reduce rust, which is a thing in places like Pittsburgh. Hadn't thought of that until just now.

It's a little tedious to do the whole garage door thing each time, much easier to just park out front, but maybe I'll get most of the wear and tear benefit by using the garage just during the winter. Hmm.
One big loss is it's not connected to the house: you have to walk through the yard to get to it. Seems like that removes a lot of the benefit. Obviously it'd be a huge boon to be able to warm up the car and drive out and everything and not once have to actually trek in the snow before you get where you're going.
Almost everybody on our street has one. It's a two-car garage, too!

It's kind of wasted on me, I thought of it as a downside since I'm "paying for it" but will probably get far less use out of it than most people. If I could cut it down to a one-car and get more yard I would (and I'd be tempted to do away with it entirely if not for resale considerations sometime down the line). But, I admit, on the first snow of the year it's quite nice.

I doubt I'll use it to actually house the car more than a half a dozen times a year, when I explicitly know it'll be super cold or snowy the next day. I'll still mostly just be parking out front.