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Disclaimer: Dead Booty is a serious medical condition and if you suspect you have it you should see a doctor immediately.
Funnel cake is a top 20 food. Maybe top 10.
Hey guys. Think the server had some issues in the middle of the night. Should be okay now, sorry about that.
Ah, okay, fixed now. Weirdly, it was excluding reviews approved under the "old" system. Coulda sworn I'd moved that stuff over but I guess more likely it was included in the way I first constructed the new page, then made some change later without realizing they wouldn't show up.

Thanks for noticing that.
Yeah, sorry, meant to get back to you about that. Taking a look.
Originally Posted by matt72582
I've had quite the "experience" today...
You must've if you're posting in the middle of the night (!).
Sounds like someone in the thread figured it out.
Incredible amounts of iteration.
offhandedly mentions beekeeping

three days of puns ensue
I've never been stung, so who knows.