The Shoutbox
For certain older celebrities they really need to only let them trend if they attach one of those brief explanations. Because otherwise I think Morgan Freeman and Betty White have died every single time they have a birthday.
If they're a little on the older side, or have a fraught history, that's the first thing that goes through my mind, too.
I simultaneously think most pop music is horrible and that as a general concept it gets a bad rap.
I was intrigued, but heard the ending of the first season was a tad goofy, so I skipped, since my standards are really high these days with so much great stuff out there.
Sorry. I just checked and I don't think we have one, though, so go for it.
Depending on how you look at it, Easter being six days from now is either particularly painful or completely appropriate. I hope/pray it's the latter. A reminder of rebirth is what a lot of people will need this week.
Doesn't sound like they have any idea of what caused it or how many people might have died yet.
Heartbreaking. So much history, so much art.
Yeah, a big part is how many extra channels you have, those add up so quick. Cable's really expensive if you get more than a couple movie channels, or whatever.
I think the complaints would've been pretty similar if you lopped that ~$10/month off. And sports fans are, of course, similarly subsidizing reruns of Law & Order in half a dozen places. That's just how bundling works: it's actually more economically efficient in total to group a bunch of things you want with a few you don't than it is to parse everything out separately, as a lot of people are learning now with all these different streaming services.