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Hmmm. It's not automatically two, I think it requires both users to have above X posts or something, I'd have to check. So if you're getting a second person who hasn't been around as much that might be part of it.

If you notice this happening in a specific instance, please save the link so I can check. All spam reports are logged so I can find out if something went wrong with them.
Originally Posted by The Rodent
I noticed that as well.
Think they've learned that off topic doesn't appear in the Now Playing, means they can spam and it takes a few extra minutes before it gets noticed.
They're becoming self-aware.
Hey nebs!
I think he means he usually writes the whole thing out so there's not much delay.

Yeah, the way this software handles it is kinda dumb, since the post will be there a little bit by itself while you make the poll. It'd just be a huge pain to try to change, unfortunately. But I agree it's not intuitive.
That second one should definitely work.
They shared an IP and an email domain this time, so I've banned both. Usually there's a little influx, we hit them back for a few days and then it stops.
We cleaned out our banned IPs list awhile ago because it was blocking too many legit users. Very little problem until recently, and it was a while ago. Will have a look tomorrow.
He posted some extremely weird/kinda offensive/kinda vulgar stuff, so I sent him a message asking him to tone it down a little, and he basically threw a tantrum and left.
I mean, I was just talking about the Edit Avatar page, but now that I know that would bother you, I might change it.

Just for you, though. Everyone else's stays right where it is.
Think I'll just move the message a bit higher and hope that does the trick.