The Shoutbox
I don't even know which I'd choose, much less what everyone else would (though I have my guesses).
Not sure if I should hear that in my head the way the character says it, or like someone with their fists in the air cursing his name.
Wikipedia says 2008.
Sadface, confirms if Steelers win they face Buffalo. Not a great second round matchup, assuming they make it to begin with.
Didn't drink much but still caught up on sleep today. Guess I needed it.
Hmm, I guess it depends on how little you can use it. I was able to kinda type a week later, which helped.

I guess the main thing is just to accept the parts that out of your control and redefine productivity for the time period necessary. If you can't work, then hey, reading half a book or getting through a couple of seasons of something you've been putting off is what you CAN do, so feel good about having gotten that done. Any sense of productivity/progress should be relative to ability. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a pared down set of options.
Oof, yeah, sounds rough. But it is indeed the best time in history to be laid up inside for awhile.
Drop me a PM and we can troubleshoot. You'll probably just need to reset your password, though.
This should be unrelated to logging in, what you're describing just affects new registrations.