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Also, I am pleased to report that season five of Bojack Horseman is as excellent as the last four.
Glad to hear it, rewatching (most of) season 4 now before starting it.

I do hope it progresses somewhat, though. I feel like season 4 was treading a little water, narratively. I can't imagine there's more than a couple more seasons in the offing and the comedy-pathos balance has veered a little towards the latter (for my tastes, at least) the last couple of seasons, which is easier to accept if the characters are changing a bit more.

That said, even a BoJack in character arc stasis is better than most of what's out there, so I'm excited to see the new episodes.
BRB gonna see if this software lets me issue temporary bans to immediate family.
I give Facebook plenty of guff, and it deserves it, but the "check in" feature during dangerous events is pretty great.
Some guy on my softball team said he was going to be back for the game tomorrow because (this is an actual quote): "the islands getting evacuated lol"
I also fail to see what's bad about it
That's how it always goes: people accept the downsides of their system as givens, often not even registering them as downsides. It might not even occur to them that lengthy waiting lists, for example, are not inevitable under all systems, but one of the common trade offs of socialized medicine.

You'd have to be insane not to want free health care
Exactly. And since you can safely assume all those people are not insane, then you must logically infer that there's more to the issue than this.

It doesn't make a country go economically bankrupt, or else we would have been screwed already.
Not really, since the chief criticism of socialism is its inviability in the long-term. How many countries have been doing this long enough to disprove that? Many seem to go through cycles of bloat/reform/repeat.

Anyway, whatever the merits of any conception of socialism, it should be obvious that the a la carte socialism a lot of people here advocate isn't workable. Many point to one Scandanavian country or another as proof of concept, while simultaneously ignoring the other things they do (low business taxes, light regulation) that probably make it more feasible.
Bah. There's a link in that first preview paragraph to an older article by the same person that the newer one is building off of. That should give a general overview, too.

But yeah, mainly the issue is that raising wages works insofar as it attracts higher-caliber workers or (in retail, especially) reduces turnover, a benefit which by definition is reduced as more people do it. To say nothing of the fact that CostCo, despite maybe "feeling" similar to most of us, actually has a very different business model.