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Found a possible search index replacement. Might be testing it as soon as tomorrow. Stay tuned.
It's five-a-pod somewhere.
Maybe we're already scotch poppin'.
Scotch pods in scotch instead of ice cubes.

"I'll have a scotch, on the scotch rocks."
Scotch pods. You just pop 'em in. Just pop a scotch.
Yeah, I know some other people in California talking about the power situation. Be careful, indeed! And thanks for letting us know.
Maybe he's telling you to drop the mic.
Originally Posted by John McClane
I get it: You dont like democracy.
Well damn, I've been found out.
Also, saying something is "clear" or "obvious" is also not an argument. In fact, it's kind of being substituted for one, as if I'm going to be shamed into changing my mind by the mere implication that I should understand your position already because it's so obviously right.