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What would be the most efficient method on MoFo to mark films as seen?
Probably via the search on Movies.

If somebody has a bunch marked on IMDB or Letterboxd, I have been hoping/planning to build an exporter to help with that. Could use a good test case at some point.
It was more carbs for me early on (and yeah, net carbs is a good distinction, since a lot of Atkins bars have a lot of fiber). I find calories comforting simply because it's basic math/energy. But I imagine it's one of those things where, if you're just paying attention at all, you're probably fine. It's the not thinking about it for weeks on end that gets ya'.
Yeah, sounds like calories.

When I'm not lifting weights and not playing a lot of softball or whatever, I can get by on 1,200 calories fairly often. Pretty hard if I'm engaging in much physical activity, though.
983 here, but I haven't been super systematic about it. It's mostly auto-populated from the Lists.
Speaking of which, I heard Chick-fil-A just added mac and cheese. Yowza.
I'm in the run-up to the big Seattle visit so I'm very much on the wagon diet-wise.
Looks like the movie search autocomplete is back up.
Still being worked on, BTW. Problem's partially fixed but the part we're relying on is still down for now. Sounds like progress has been made, though.
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What's TMDB? The Movie DB? Dot Org. Is that this site's sister site? I'm Ron Burgundy?

TMDB provides a data source, it's like an open source IMDB so movie sites like ours can have access to a centralized database and build features around it.
Yeah, TMDB's search API is down, they're working on it. Some of our stuff still works because we have local copies of most of it, but for things like autocomplete search it'll be down until they get things up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.