The Shoutbox
Sounds like you've got the bug.
Yup, that's the plan. If I end up trimming it significantly, I'll probably even take one or two in the middle.
Oh, it's definitely the latter. I've barely trimmed it.
The Great Beard Trimming will commence soon. I'll get some pictures of this five-month monstrosity up soon and the trimmening will likely happen next week. It is time.
I got a PM about it; they're good to go now.
Click the little arrow in the top right and choose Settings. It's in the Notifications tab there.
I lack the time to list everything, but the very last thing was changing his avatar to a guy holding up two middle fingers, as part of a general profile update "screw you" before leaving the site.
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Oh! On mobile It looks like "Conversation report" and I was not about to report the conversation. I see now it's two separate buttons but it's so close together on mobile that it looks like one word. Will gix! Ta!!!
Hmmm, I didn't realize it could be read that way. I'll see about adding some space to make it more obvious. Unless you were drunk when you saw this, in which case, I'm sure it's fine.
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sooo Space Mutiny was purty funny. thanks for the recommendation, shoutbox!
Werewolf is right up there, too, if you end up wanting another one. Might be my favorite.
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freking A key