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Nobody in their right mind would trust the stock market in the short term.

Nobody in their right mind would fail to trust it in the long term.
Eh, I mean the problem there is we all have regular brownies often enough that it's hard to measure up. But, I dunno about you guys, but I've never had an oatmeal cream cookie sandwich except for Little Debbie.
Zebra Cakes. Yes.
Rank 'em!
Totally agree re: humor, just a certain brand. I think what we need is silliness, rather than "it's funny that I tricked you." Also way too easy for people to really believe insane things right now.
Yeah, normally I love messing with people/the site on April Fool's, but this year messing with people just doesn't seem like a good idea.
Originally Posted by TONGO
So I'm guessing Ned getting BANNED is an April Fools joke
Can confirm Ned is not banned.

He does, however, really need to check his PMs at least occasionally.
Originally Posted by Sedai
I've decided to start a side business myself, if you can call it that. From here on out, All MoFos can pay me $50 to NOT send them a nude photo of myself. Trust me, it's totally worth it!
That's a steal at twice the price. I'll take five.
Dude's just got a funny voice and a funny face. He's perfect for commercials.