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I think a lot of the praise has to do with the feeling that he kind of invented a style of film, with its quasi-realism and emphasis on the ins and outs of adult relationships. Like, this might sound weird, but I'm not sure we have Kevin Smith without Woody Allen. I think there's a lot of influence in naturalistic (or, to be fair, naturalistic feeling, relative to mostm ovies) dialogue.
Well, most of them are utterly forgettable, especially these days. But I was always a little confused by the level of love for Annie Hall and Manhattan both. I guess I can appreciate some of the meta stuff in the former, though.

Loved Midnight in Paris, however.
Points deducted for not saying Pepstea.
Annoying Oscar banner glow operational. Annoying Oscar PMs commencing today.

It's THIS SUNDAY, people!
It's a very old saying.
Well, we do have shirts, and they cost about the same, so if the winner wants one of those instead, even better.
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I'm too shy to use this feature.
Yeah, small prize, as Chyp said, I basically just buy the winner a movie.

TBH people care more about the bragging rights. It makes watching the ceremony (during the live chat here on the site) a lot more fun, since we post leaderboard updates after each award is announced.
Meanwhile, the first annoying Oscar reminder is up. They will definitely get flashier and more annoying...but the good news is if you make your Oscar picks you won't have to see any of them!