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That reminds me, when I was flying back from San Diego last year the guy in front of me in security had to open his luggage and it was jam packed with Halloween candy.
I'm gonna guess IT/tech? They're famous for those sorts of weird questions, the logic usually being something like "there's no right answer but it shows us something about your thought process to see how you approach the question."
Eh, I think of the sports stuff as being part of the community at large because it's almost all regular members.

That said, if it got more than a handful of posts I probably would remove it. That's as much a part of the consideration as the "off topic" part. If we let those forums show up there some of them, like the ones where you just count numbers or post words or whatever, would dominate the thing.
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Ehh, that's a thread though. I understand why my post didn't show up on the now playing thing because of course it's mostly a movie site after all
Actually, yeah! Now Playing excludes Intermission/the game forums.
Not a lot of conviction for such a routine task.

But I sympathize, my laundry was the most irregular thing in the world until I ended up playing on a bunch of softball teams, where some kind of weekly cycle was necessary. Still pretty chaotic though.
I don't have any trouble believing that, but like with the "essay writing" emulation, the stuff AI does best is consistently the stuff where humans have been essentially taught or incentivized to phone it in and be as bland and boilerplate as possible.
I admit, it does worry me that I feel a slight ping of accomplishment when I finish a show.
One of the best background Simpsons throwaway gags was a tape called Ernest Goes Straight to Video.
About as good an outcome as you can hope for, nice. If there's such a thing as a "good" way to get t-boned, it seems like this is it.