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When I was a kid that movie was so amazing.
"Without ashes to rise from the phoenix would just be a bird standing up."
I was surprised I hadn't posted something like that myself when it first went up. I remember saying "yeah right" to a similar thread, for someone other than Viggo.

It's pretty rare for someone in that position to actually retire. When it actually happens it's usually someone quite old (Connery seems to have followed through, for example).
Eh, it's funny how wrong the whole thing was. And he called it as being probably bogus immediately, so a little gloat bump seems fine.
GLOW is pretty good. Not usually great, but pretty good. Very "watchable," as they say. And I'm probably at the point where a very watchable Pretty Good is as valuable to me as a mentally taxing Great show, given how many of those are around.
Can I just take a thing I like and put core after it? Because if so, I'm totally pizzacore.
One of the all-time best commentaries.
Yeah, Ebert's Kane commentary is legendary already.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
Mahershala Ali is killing it in True Detective and he is the main reason I'm gonna see Alita.
He's pretty great, yeah. We recorded the podcast yesterday and there was a fair bit of gushing on my part.