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Safe move is to put them in a closet or storage for a few months in case you change your mind, of course. But I can see that working out.
I've heard really good things. Wasn't interested before but the number of people I've heard recommend it has made me think twice.
Haven't seen the former yet, so AD by default.
If you mean remote electronics, like vote online, yeah, there's just way too many security/tech issues with that.
I'd argue voting is in a class by itself, importance-wise, but you might be an exception anyway, because we've had voting machines here for a decade or two, and I live in a pretty poor area.
Anyway there are lots of good reasons to stay with paper, it's a lot safer and it's not that hard. Obviously the design of the ballots themselves can be better or worse, though.
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I get to leave work early, I walk or drive to my assigned voting station. Show ID, mark my choice and leave. 10 minutes is the longest I've waited in the 15 years I've been voting.
That's actually more trouble than it usually is here: we don't have to show ID (and some people are very mad at the idea that people should).

The place I live is a few minutes' walk and I've never had to wait more than a few minutes.

Worth remembering that the horror stories are the ones we always hear about.
Yeah, it all gets quite shameless. We get "official looking" mailers that come from organizations with neutral-sounding names (like "Citizens for Electoral Information" or something), and it's apparently just about basic information, but it'll tell you where each candidate stands on three issues and it's plainly obvious they were chosen (and worded) to guide you to one. Zero indication it's a partisan affair, but to anyone remotely savvy it's obvious.
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