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True story: I went to a Pirates game when I was much younger, and there was some college age dude with a cardboard sign he'd clearly taken off a box that just said "EGGS" on it, and every so often he'd just stand up and hold it in the air and people would yell "EGGS!"

This is what you do when your baseball team goes 20 years without making the playoffs, I guess.
Maybe you can indulge me, anyway, privately. My suspicion is that there will turn out to be only superficial similarities based on common phrases, for a few reasons.

If the issue is as serious as you say, then it would seem clearly important enough to substantiate, because otherwise there's no chance someone will read it and, I dunno, stop using their cell phone, or whatever. So the degree to which it matters at all should equal the degree to which it's worth elaborating on.
Unless you know a member here and have been exchanging texts with them, this is obviously implausible.

I also fail to see why it would have to be "dutifully published" if you'd rather ignore them than substantiate the claim.

If there's an actual problem, PM myself or Seds with evidence. If it doesn't rise to that level, then it doesn't rise to the level of posting vague insinuations, either.
Dang. p good
Originally Posted by Sedai
I found myself siding with his character during the conversation near the end between him and the other author, even if they tried to play it out a a mic drop moment for her.
Totally agree with this, too. It bothers me in films when the characters are bad at arguing/don't notice or call out obvious deflections, at least in scenarios where they're ostensibly trying to do so and are otherwise presented as smart and perceptive.
Yeah, I love Wright, and the subject matter had me very optimistic that it could be that rare mix of very funny, quite moving, and genuinely insightful. It came close at times. It has a lot of good things to say, regardless.
Yeah, it's a very good movie. I'm a little disappointed but only because I had absurdly high hopes for it, but very good.
Oh yeah my thing is like a speaker. Couldn't stand to sleep with ear buds in.