The Shoutbox
Happy Thanksgiving, MoFos.
Right, it's even crazier than I said: they also had a TV show that was about how they were a band. In case being a band and releasing a song about being a band hadn't tipped everyone off.
In retrospect, starting a band and releasing a song just saying you're that band and talking about how you're going to go on tour is shockingly meta for the 60s. guys know I can read all this...right?
Gotta get that beard shaded or the whole thing just looks SILLY.
Yeah I downloaded all the ones you posted. Think there were like three or four.
Yeah, don't worry, I will. That one was so good I knew right away I'd have to use it the next year, too. Might rotate a few this time.
No, that's a Steve thing.

I do have lots of great Christmas avatars, many thanks to Rodent, but I only bust those out in mid December.
I'd have to read through the whole thing to say for sure, though my recollection is that, while probably lacking in tact, most of it was standard Christian doctrine.

That said, it's been 16 years and I think, like most people, I'm a bit more empathetic than I was as a teenager. I'm certainly more cognizant of making sure that empathy is conveyed, at least.