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I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Haven't started yet though.
Cleveland OGs
And if it ever accidentally becomes one it'll be immediately shut down.
Lame, but worthwhile. Put your head down and it'll be back to normal soon. Congrats on getting it.
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um, guys, does anybody know this user: Elsa25
Yeah, spammer. I zapped 'em.
Yeah, we could, we just can't really justify it to ourselves yet.
At this point I wouldn't mind if my TV went. It's just 42" and we bought it over a decade ago. Sound isn't as good as I'd like and we'd obviously like to get a bigger one, but man, if it isn't reliable. 10+ years and it's basically identical to the day we got it. Might be the single-most reliable electronic device I've ever owned.
Apples are great. Before I had a lot of major dental work done I used to eat one just about every day, just like the saying.
Yeah, ezgif is great for basic stuff like this.

And yes, our site will remove the animation if the file is too large.
Mmmm, vanilla.