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My hope is for a yinny + The Wiz pic in the style of You Canít Do That on Television 🤗
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Clutched seized up at 65 mph. ****
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I just had to do master/slave cylinders on my clutch this past month...
Rowing crew, stand up 🙋🏻*♂️
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Just announced today: Usher is headlining the Superbowl Halftime show. Seems like an odd choice to me.
Whoís the sponsor? Thereís gotta be a joke in there somewhere. One thatís hiding below the surface, waiting to pop up.
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i was more partial to his Trunk Muzik phase, but iím over his style now. man is talented, tho
Been a Problem was the rare, random thing that pops up on YouRube that turned out to be great. We loved the video, which helped to set the hook a little deeper. Plus, she really loves those shoes
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Yelawolf is in town; 3 miles away and my ears are ringing


Greenwood & Gugino back at it!
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needs more FT86s
Please tell me youíve done doughnuts
with a road flare 🥹
Time to break out the triplicate!
Hereís your Friday energy! Seize the day!

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so far it just looks like you me and ATILO, so i don't think any discussion is gonna happen. but yeah, i'll be rewatching
I will have to miss this one 🥹

We are getting ready to cancel Hulu because we donít watch enough shows to justify it. Gotta knock out the Bear before the first week of October!

And then maybe a Prey rewatch 🤩