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Originally Posted by John McClane
You ever feel like your retinas are detaching? I need to see an eye doctor
Itís just allergies. Clear eyes is awwwww-suuuuuummm.
In the sincerest way I can show my gratitude, Iím offering the following shouters the opportunity to be angel investors.

Torgo, youíre mining gold with that branding. Mr. Yin, I need you to design the carrot truck in a blatant ripoff of the Wienermobile. Thereís a callback. Mah-Klane...Iíll make the ranch exception for you. Eror, keep pounding the ground on those seasonal ideas.

Cash out some of that Doge coin, weíre going to tha moon!
Speakiní of winning food (ideas)...Iím looking into starting a food truck and wanted some feedback.

Steamed carrots 🥕. Only available during the spring and summer. Letís be serious, nobody wants a warm carrot when itís cold outside.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
EJO puts a freeze spell on everyone before he entrances them with dance.
Originally Posted by ynwtf
Oh you are most welcome! Shall we top it off with a bit of yellow submarine life? I know that we can dance, if we want to. We can leave your friends behind; 'cause your friends don't dance, and if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine. I mean, all we are saying give peace a chance. Right?
Thank you, Biodome.
That guyís go-to thirst quencher? Liter of cola.
There is only one questionable actor that can save us!

It was all a lie! Pancake...IS....Waffle.

Itís climatic final battle form will definitely involved merging with essential oils.