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How nervous when doctor’s office is blasting devotional music in the waiting room?
Then again, if that happened in the first place…

Alright. We’re having a good time
Needleless to say, things worked out for her.
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I turned 18 on 07/07/07

The payout was shit
My sister’s birthday woulda been 7.7.77 if my mom coulda kept those legs together for another hour.
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get the tranq gun. the server is time travelling again.
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ahhh 9 hours till i be see seeing thor love and thunder 😍😍
9 hours until Guns N’ Roses needledrops you til’ your ears bleed!

“Welcome to Thor: Luvn’ Thundur! You’re gonna fry!”
Think of all the vegans living a lie because of the bugs in their organic produce 🧐
I blame Jimi.
“You look like the bastard child of Carrot Top and The Incredible Hulk.”