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Is it hereditary?
Not that we've seen. He developed his several allergies as a middle-aged adult, though. (Bee stings, shellfish right now.) I don't have an allergy to shellfish, for sure, but I haven't been stung by a bee in literally decades, so I don't know if I'm allergic now or not.
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There's no more bees. Where's all the honey come from I wonder?
Nah bees are cool. The colony collapse stuff stabilized awhile back, partially through people managing more hives.

Bees are super interesting, there's this podcast episode (of EconTalk) about them I've listened to like three times. Thinking about trying to get into it with my brother next year.
Just remember that your grandfather is deathly allergic to bee stings.
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I should say "better" in a health sense.
Yup. Here's a link to the 4C lemonade with Splenda:
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Yes, aspartame is bad and stevia tastes bad, so i'm back to regular sugar
Diabetic. Can't do that. Fortunately, I usually like stevia (except in the aforementioned lemonade). So I'll opt for Splenda in those instances when I can.
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Whenever I hear the name kool aid I wanna start a cult and have 180 wives.
I drink a lot of the stuff. Not literally, it's all sugar free, and it's usually generic stuff. But I buy sugar free drink mix in bulk from Wal-Mart or wherever and keep like four jugs in the fridge and keep one with me most of the day, just chugging the stuff. It's a great habit, if you can get used to just sort of drinking water steadily throughout the day.
I'm the same way all summer long (sugar-free lemonade, just the 2-qt. Great Value/Walmart brand packets). I think we even use the same Rubbermaid jugs. So easy.

But, if all your sugar-free stuff has aspartame, that's a lot of aspartame. See if you can find brands/off-brands that use Splenda or stevia. (I think I remember that you don't care for stevia, though.)

I gotta get back off the aspartame wagon. That stuff is so bad.

4C has a really good lemonade that has Splenda instead of aspartame. Gotta go order me some...
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Ooooouuuuhhh. You two were very close.

Mechanically embroidered paper napkins was the answer we were looking for.
Rats, my second guess was manually embroidered paper napkins. I was sooo close.
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Name the number one item you would find in an automobile glove box.
In mine, anything but gloves.
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All for the down payment on a Kia 🐹

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Yep, it's true, Austruck really is a 6'2 Ozzy truck driver... complete with uncombed beard, non-descript red baseball cap and egg stains on the white sleeveless vest.
You blew my cover, bruh.
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Things I've often wondered #316:
Why doesn't Austruck have a picture of an Aussie truck as her avatar?
Cuz shes snot Australian... Hehe
Why does everyone assume my username means Aussie truck?

I write under the last name Au. I am an Au-thor. So, I am also austruck (awestruck).

Hope that clears things up.