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Interesting. There's no such thing in Poland. I think most people would perceive a gap year as wasting time as most of the time people who want to go to the university want to go there as fast as possible and file documents as soon as they graduate, so that they enter the labor market as early as possible. But that's only my impression based on my peers.

Some people do make a mistake as to what they want to do in life, and change their major or profession. Sometimes multiple times. I'm not sure a gap year is going to mitigate this.

Oh, and thank you, Yoda's mum.
Everyone-going-to-college seems to be losing favor over here. It's no longer a given, which is a good thing. Four-year college degrees are ridiculously expensive and too many people were saddling themselves with college loan debt and then not even getting jobs in their fields anyway.
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Hey, what's the point in taking a gap year after college in America or elsewhere?
Earn money for college. Figure out what to major in. Work a menial job so you'll appreciate college more. Travel. Lots of reasons. Eighteen is pretty young to always know what you want to do with your life. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to jump into college just because it's what everyone else is doing right after high school. I say, figure out what you want to do with your life, and THEN ask yourself what the best way to get there is. Might not be college at all.
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If you like The Office try out the other Michael Schur fare. I'm not enamored with Brooklyn Nine-Nine but it's decent and gets better as it goes. And The Good Place is solid at first, does something super interesting in the first season finale, and becomes great in the second season.
I was surprised at how much I love The Good Place. Yes, that end of season 1 was great, and I thought season 2 would therefore be a letdown, but it's staying solid for me.

And I find myself giggling through every episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The banter and the one-liners buried in there are gems, and I was bummed to find that season 4 seems to be only 6 episodes. I was ready to binge over the weekend and ran out of episodes!
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Has anyone else had this issue with Movie Forums kind-of "flickering" lately. I get a dark-gray bar that appears on the bottom, and sometimes near the top of the site as I'm going around.
I had a slightly similar thing happen here about a half hour ago... but I'm also experiencing a few other weird graphics card type issues this week, so I didn't think it was this site.
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Found her!
NOTE: "AIRPLANE" is now coming on AMC (American Movie Classics)! Don't miss it!
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Among the other new capabilities coming with this release include real-time anonymization for GDPR or other data privacy mandates, but only for data stored in SAP HANA. Rules can be documented in EA Designer governing which entities must be anonymized, and how.
Ooookay...? Thank...s..?
Apparently they've updated their privacy policy.
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Lol Channel surfing again and the Saint in New York popped up just at the poker scene came on. I wonder if that's the one that was in the big chill - "I THINK THE MAN IN THE HAT DID SOMETHING WRONG"
HA! The Bill Chill is one of my top ten favorite movies.