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The irony of trying to log in when your username is "Gandalf", only to be told "you shall not pass" when you forget your password

Must say...I associate Yoda with our Yoda so much now I do a double take when people accuse Yoda of breaking Jedi code.
Oh wait, so it IS the original Yoda then? Now I'll have to go check that out.
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The irony of trying to log in when your username is "Gandalf", only to be told "you shall not pass" when you forget your password
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BRB gonna see if this software lets me issue temporary bans to immediate family.
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I give Facebook plenty of guff, and it deserves it, but the "check in" feature during dangerous events is pretty great.
Agreed. I have plenty of friends in the path of Florence... slowly checking in now and again to let us know all is well. So much easier for THEM as well as us.
Where in the gulf? My MIL is in Port Charlotte, Fla., and ended up staying with us in Pittsburgh last year this time during that hurricane. But this year it's on the eastern side of the state so I'm assuming it's a non-issue for her.
P.S. The major surgery was a few years ago. Apologies for the mis-typing. (Not enough coffee yet today!)
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I live in a country with socialism too (same as you, haha) and I also fail to see what's bad about it. You'd have to be insane not to want free health care. The health care costs in USA reaches insane levels.
We pay for our health insurance, plus hubby's company throws in a portion of that. We get amazing healthcare with no compromises. I had major surgery last year and literally didn't have to pay a dime out of pocket. And I scheduled it when I wanted to, as soon as I wanted to, with the doctor I wanted. No paperwork. No nothing.

When I call for any kind of appointment (OB/GYN, regular doctor, eye doctor, dermatologist, mammogram, etc.), the usual scheduling is something like, "Can you come in tomorrow?" Once I was asked if I was free that afternoon.

This is what I'd notice most about going to socialized medicine. Friends I know in Canada do not have that kind of immediate care. One friend routinely just goes to the E.R. for almost everything because otherwise, he'd have a six-month wait for an appointment.

So, just as you don't like that some don't know how it's like in your country, don't think that all U.S. healthcare is bad or ridiculous, either. After having been completely uninsured as a young adult for many years (and having three of my four kids without insurance of any kind), I am glad we've worked hard to get where we are.

I'm not saying our system is perfect. I'm definitely saying that "free healthcare" does not entice me in the least.
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Since Jim Carrey is now all about Socialism, I would like to be the first to volunteer to give him exactly half of my stuff. I will of course be expecting exactly half of his stuff, as well.
He can have half of our stuff too, for that same deal. Oh wait, with our luck, he's been spending money like crazy and is about to declare bankruptcy. Never mind!
How did AMC just get away with using the "F" word in the middle of Better Call Saul??
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Hello everyone!
Hello, you sly little devil, you!