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Also, I found it humorous that folks are saying words don't matter... in a shoutbox column that is using mostly words to communicate that idea. Wouldn't even be having this conversation without those pesky words.

Heck, one company lost a lot of money over a missing comma a year or so ago!
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I think I've had scrambled eggs something like 13 of the last 14 days. I'm in full-on January diet mode which usually involves finding some high-protein food and eating it almost every day. Eggs the last two years.
Scrambled eggs and coffee with HWC = the perfect breakfast. As long as the eggs aren't overcooked.
Apologies if your shouts did not convince me. My own Amazon shopping habits have saved me many, many trips out in the car.

Clearly you're just not doing it right.
Plus, I just don't see how some of those side effects = Amazon is evil. That's just an easy statement to throw out there.

And if they're truly evil, then why are you buying from them? Clearly you are not convinced of your own statement.

I'm on the opposite side of this one. I'm more of an Amazon fangirl, a loyal customer for 22 years now. Gosh, I remember when they sold only books.

And yes, Yoda's right. I make far fewer single-person-in-the-car trips to the store because of Amazon.
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Just struck me funny.
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We're near the point where a thread could be bumped after a 10-year layoff twice.
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Wait. Were either of those actually used? A for real bumper sticker?
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Might make that the new slogan.
Arguably an improvement on "We Know How To Spell Schwarzenegger".
I still have a bumper sticker on my car: Movie Forums: Now with 28% more Bruce Willis!
The positioning of Oscar always makes him look rather busty.
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100% random guesses picks made
That'll be me, too. You'll have to fight me for the most incorrect guesses, though. I believe I'm at the bottom of the MoFo list just about every year.

There should totally be a prize for that. It's an art form for me now.