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I'm going to be an uncle.
nice. I have nieces and nephews that range from 20 years old to 3 weeks old, and my brother's girlfriend is pregnant with another. It's really cool watching them grow up, while also not being responsible for them. It's kind of like the low-risk version of being an almost parent.
And being a grandparent is even better because you sort of have carte blanche to spoil 'em without guilt.
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Gold walks into the bar and silver looks up to greet him, saying “ ‘Ey, you!”
My maiden name is AU. And I graduated high school in '79. Gold all the way, baby!
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here ya go:
4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42
I see what you did there.
I have a T-shirt with those numbers on it.
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buffy is easily my favorite show of all time. i won't say how often i watch it, but it's an embarrassing amount.

My wife and I started a rewatch a couple weeks ago. Already mid-season 3 at this point. Show is still right near the top of my shortlist of all-time favorites.

Funny how the political climate has shifted so much that at this point, some of the ideas/themes in Buffy are considered center right or "Classic Liberal" at this point.

Whatever, show is awesome. The comedy all still lands and the show still seems fresh.
Somehow I still have not watching this show. Might have to amend that once we are home next week. (We're in Vegas right now... what a weird city to be in during a pandemic. )
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I'm about to watch Psycho for the first time. Time to cross off one of my major blind spots in film.
Oooooh! Tell us your reaction!!
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dangit. i AM done. now what?!
Try Mountain Dew, or Diet Mountain Dew. Somehow their caffeine gives me a faster jolt than most coffee.
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Yargh. I can't quite wake up this morning. Coffee has betrayed me. btw, I hate mornings. always have. likely, always will. i mean, in case that wasn't already obvious using past AM shouts as a measure.
Also a morning-hater here. I'm grateful I finally have a situation in life where I can let my inner night owl rule (for the most part).

It's ugly when coffee betrays you. Coffee should always be there for you.
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Well, you are actually older than the internet. Smoke em if you got em oldtimer
Timera, Chimera - I answer to both Incidentally, I looked up the internet's birthday. 4/30/93... 27 years. Roughly 38% of the US population (those 27 & under) will not know what the world was like without the internet. Trippy.
I'm curious what the internet's birthday means, exactly.

I was on Compuserve from about 1987 (with a DOS-based UI), and then switched to AOL sometime in the semi-early 1990s. I was using Windows from about 1991 when I bought a computer to use PageMaker to do magazine/journal layout. Was pretty sure there was some sort of internet by then, but maybe I was still just on CompuServe internally and not on anything outside of that.
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Dare to Be Stupid
How did that not win? The lyrics alone are positively brilliant!
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Nice. I offered Al up to the Song for October competition a few rounds back. I think he landed dead last. Heathens.
What song??