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I forgot how pleasant it was to walk the dog on a warm day. "Warm" being pretty relative right now (mid-50s), but I'll take it.
I know, right? Wayne opened the side door to head out this morning and said, "Hey, it's not freezing cold!" Naturally, last week when it was snowing and freezing cold, he was stuck working outside... in the middle of the night.

He was pleasantly surprised to have a nice day on his day off today.
Boy, nobody's posted any shouts for, like, HOURS. Sure is nice and quiet in here. <cough>
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Anybody ever have an issue with Amazon taking a long time to process a return?
Not usually, no. Usually they refund my money immediately and then give me 30 days to return the item. Did you check tracking? As long as it arrived, I wouldn't worry too much about getting the final email. No?
SO, while I'm here too, I should show up before you on the list.
Oh, I see. Misunderstood your question. That list is in alphabetical order.
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I cant help you out there, Tac but a friend told me he was chewing through his battery super fast so he disabled videos.

Question, why is yoda's avatar always lst on the who's on line chart to the right?
Because he's probably got MoFo open on SOME device in his house at all times.

Either that or he just doesn't have any hobbies.
Snow. Woooooo

(At least it's not MUCH snow. Just a squall. But still, a few days ago it was 70 degrees!)
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bleh. mornings and i have a long history of hatred for each other. coffee is only a distraction.
Hello Mr. Thumb. I had a reply to your PM way back, and apparently I never finished it. Don't ask.

Anyways, I was naming the six Thumb movies that exist, and telling you that The Blair Thumb is my favorite. There's also Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle, FrankenThumb, God Thumb, Thumbtanic, and Bat Thumb.
Oooh, I have the whole collection! They're hilarious! I'll have to watch them again and figure out if I have a favorite.
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Yods is evil. Now craving pizza, just not deep dish. I'm a thin and crispy kinda gal.
Same here. I think it's typically called New York style. You have to be able to take a slice and fold it in half. Then it's all about the cheeeeeeese.

We typically order two "large" pizzas from Marco's (a chain) because it's a special deal to order two. We'll finish most of one for dinner and then have, like, two lunches' worth left over. Their pizza reheats really well and is excellent cold, so it's totally worth the $22 it costs to get the two.

And now I'm hungry for pizza, too.
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You getting Best Screenplay right briefly made me think that was a genuine attempt haha.
Well, to be fair, I wasn't trying to lose that badly. But I hadn't seen any of the nominees for anything and had NO clue what was in the running. Barely even saw any trailers for anything. Just winged it.

Apparently this is not a good strategy.