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Hi all!
Howdy, Papa!
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Have never understood why anyone other than perhaps those involved with either the manufacturing or usage of cables would find news dedicated solely to them interesting in the first place
I see what you did there.
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And John M., is Clonezilla user-friendly and also cheap?
I'm not sure about user friendly but it's free. If you're careful and pay attention to what you're doing when you use it I don't think it's that difficult to use.

The menus might look intimidating but a disk to disk copy is the easiest method with Clonezilla.
Thanks. I'm not a total noob so that doesn't look too intimidating.

TLDR: I assume you install, then clone, then make the new SSD the boot drive?
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I've already got tons of extra SSDs and HDDs attached, just really wanted to get the C: drive on something larger, for the reasons you alluded to. Also the SSD I installed Windows on was just 126GB, so even putting things almost entirely elsewhere, that doesn't leave much for even basic stuff.

Much better now.
Yeah, this is the first computer I've had with a separate SSD for the OS... and yes, not much room for anything else. And despite pointing every installation I can to the E: hard drive, SOME stuff STILL insists on being on a C: drive.
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Smells like someone farted in here.
Smells like somebody else had pintos with wild garlic.
Wow, that's … specific.
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I finally got my C: drive copied onto a bigger SSD (was weird the first time). Yay.
Oh, I gotta do that! This new computer came with the C: drive on a smallish SSD (128GB) and then a 3TB hard drive.

The SSD drive has been killin' me because certain things just INSIST on being on the C: drive. But I've been avoiding moving everything to a larger SSD for several reasons: moving hardware like this around in the case (I can do graphics cards, RAM, power supplies and even hard drives, but have never tried fiddling with a separate SSD inside the case) … and then moving the actual data onto the new drive, since that means moving Windows.

A computer forensics friend has offered to help me out (remotely from Texas), but I keep putting it off.

How bad was it, Yoda?
And John M., is Clonezilla user-friendly and also cheap?
It could be just some smell she brought in with her. Someone at the airport? Other animals' smells rubbing off from other passengers?

Let's hope things go better after she's showered and changed clothing! Cats don't usually just freak out for NO reason.
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It gets a bad rap because it's ****!

Honestly. Sit in a pub/bar that plays pop because the bar staff have no imagination. It's soul destroying and probably leads to more fights.
I agree. I've been in venues/places where it's piped in and after 10 minutes or so I have a throbbing headache.

Pop music in the '70s and even '80s at least seemed like different songs with different voices. Today's pop just seems to run together as one long annoying, shrill *thing* instead of actual music.

But perhaps I am just old.
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Just got back from a trip to Houston, where I went on a high-level tour of NASA Space Center. Quite an amazing day!
Pardon the probable ignorance but couldn't this simply mean you flew to Houston and back and your plane happened to fly over the facility???
Ha ha haaa!

Well, I have pictures of me inside the center, and I took a train to Houston, sooo… no, on two counts.

Nice try, though.
Just got back from a trip to Houston, where I went on a high-level tour of NASA Space Center. Quite an amazing day!