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I just got back from the gas station where this little kid had a toy gun and hes pointing it at me and saying stop. So I stupidly decide to play along and said dont shoot. Then I go in the store and I hear him screaming and running after me and hes holding the trigger down. So I say “yeah, ya got me”. And he keeps pointing it and holding the trigger down.

Im checking out and hes in line behind me holding the trigger down, and the adult thats with him is telling him to stop making noise and he just starts yelling “Im trying to kill him.” Must have yelled it like 4 or 5 times.

At this point Im just trying to get out of this situation. Get back to my car and pumping gas and hes talking **** at me and the adult tells him to stop but he keeps shouting “Im going to kill him.”

I would have been whopped to an inch of my life.
Yikes. At the very least the adult should have warned him that joking like that in this day and age could get SOMEONE shot, even him if he were older.
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I like it, though it's one of those movies I thought was terrifying when I was younger and now I watch it and half of it is silly.
Wait... which movie are you referring to? Antebellum is a 2020 movie. Unless you meant, like, when you were six months younger or something.
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Hi all!
Hi, Seds!! Hug that little one for me!!
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soemtimes i forget how well designed this site is
One good side effect of Yoda being an overthinker.
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Tweed car interior: yay or nay?
If you wear shorts that are at all short, you'll have tweed lines on the backs of your thighs. Just saying.
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I did start watching it. I could tell within minutes I wasn't gonna watch it.
But but but... a few minutes isn't gonna give you that crazy escalation of insanity that the series in toto gives you.
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I may have to watch that show. I really have no interest in it. I felt it was so over hyped I don't even like to say its name. You guys are really writing some words tho. When's the evil dead musical coming out? That I want!
Definitely watch a few episodes. I was hooked after one. It's like a funny train wreck that just keeps giving and giving.
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I call the first number I can find/see if the video game box is within arms length, I'll call that number..
I'm just shocked that it doesn't get you something legit. Good warning, though. I do typically head for a company's website anyway since I hate talking on the phone.
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Yo, ya'll won't believe this ****. Those tech support scammers are now relying on brick and mortar companies to ensnare victims. I can't go into too much detail but I will NOT ever call any tech support numbers listed on any documentation inside boxes from retailers. Go straight to the website and contact them using that info.
Wait, what? Do you mean, for instance, if a video game box [I know nobody buys video games in physical form anymore--humor me] has contact information for the company, you shouldn't call that phone number?
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gettin thrown in prison during a pandemic sounds like a really bad idea.
But they probably have A/C and could get you that glipizide. Keep your options open.