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What if a person had a watch movies
Roger Ebert.
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Yeah, it's not great out here in the northeast, is it?

I actually have to get up even earlier tomorrow for a softball tournament in the snow. Gonna be nine degrees to kick things off.
Why, though? WHYYYY? "Softball" and "snow" should not be used in the same sentence.
Originally Posted by doubledenim

The quote is from a barista in graduate school.
You can go to graduate school to become a barista??
Originally Posted by doubledenim
If only I knew where to watch the latest and greatest offering from NWR 😏

Originally Posted by Austruck
It's on Netflix, BTW.
North West Railway?
It's on Netflix, BTW.
Watching a really fun miniseries from Mike Myers called "The Pentaverate." Lots of little Easter eggs and nods to other movies and shows.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Originally Posted by Sedai
Oh, did he say more people should be like him?
Uh, like everyday, isn't that his current shtick?
Does he, though?
Originally Posted by Sedai
I saw him saying something about having a big family. i must have missed the absentee thing.
Yeah, I'm curious about context for what McClane posted below. I'm on the fence about Musk but tend to prefer him to most other billionaires.
Originally Posted by Sedai
Movie trivia of the day: In order to prepare for his take on a broody and depressed Batman, Robert Pattinson spent 14 years being publiclly known as "that guy from Twilight."
Originally Posted by John McClane
Remember when 24 hour stores were a thing?
And when many places at least stayed open late, especially food places. Not even the local casinos are back to 24 hours, which surprises me. I'd have thought they'd be first in line.