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Reminder: I'm no Trump fan.
Well, this has been a particularly nasty and angry election cycle -- worse than 2016, if you ask me. The lines are so ridiculously CLEARLY delineated that the Democrats are pulling out all stops. Frankly, I suspect anything Trump would have done (stricter or more lenient) would have drawn their ire.

I'm no Trump fan, but it's clear that some of this horribly negative backlash (with language that makes it sound as if Trump himself invented the virus and is responsible for the entire WORLD'S response to it) is because, even after an impeachment process, his approval ratings were really solid.

Go figure.

Frankly, I suspect if anything is the undoing of our nation, it'll be the unbridled, unfiltered, unverified crap that roams social media 24/7. I make concerted efforts to AVOID such confrontations... and I'm still bombarded with them daily.
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Don't know what's wrong with my stomach, but I sat on the toilet and did such a massive fart I swear it pushed all the water round the U-bend.
Thanks for sharing.
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Say, now that we know who all the "essential" people are, how about we cut all professional athlete and entertainer pay by 90%?
Can we vote on this? I'm in. Maybe then my cable bill would go down.
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Oh no! I just went into the thread! I didn't know they had to put Hank down! I knew he was old, but...
Aww, so Hank will have a playmate.
There's a stray cat??
Also, I don't see us as hugely unhealthier than our forefathers. After all, the life expectancies continue to rise.
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But I Know Stories when they had depression When My Grandmother and Mother grew up everyone parent in wv raised there own pork and chickens and sometimes beef. Had there own garden and eggs and milk and churned own butter
I so admire that generation for their abilities. I can only grow houseplants.
Houseplants can grow? And here I thought houseplants only purpose was to die.