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Still under a severe thunderstorm watch for your county and mine. Be safe out there today!
Yeah, totally clear. The next couple games might get rained out, but we got ours in with some annoying wind but not much else. Pretty hot, though. And we won, so that's nice.

Didn't homer, though, so I consider the day a moderate failure.
We got deluged at your grandparents' house around 3:15... so I figured you might have gotten your game in before anything hit up there. Congrats on the win!
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Between getting bounced in both playoffs, rain, and practices not coming together, I haven't played softball in two weeks. T-minus two hours until we finally get back out there. Whoo

Except it's about 90 degrees. Less whoo-ing for that part. But I'm still excited.
Still under a severe thunderstorm watch for your county and mine. Be safe out there today!
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"Frankly, my bae, WTF."
That's hilarious.
Originally Posted by Sedai that the sun I see in the sky??

It burnnnsssss ussssssssss!
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I'd like to apologize retroactively, and in advance, for my drunk posting. I know I can get passively confrontational and a bit prickly, and I am sorry. I may repeat offend again, and if I do, I trust proper measures will be taken. Here's to keeping it clean, though. And for the record, my internet prickly business has nothing to do with anyone personally, I'm just showing my true alcohol colors. So...carry on
Well, this IS the "Shoutbox," after all.
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Titus Welliver liked a pic of my kitty and I am AWWWWING inside!
Awwww... this is pretty great. I'm still getting used to seeing him in Comcast commercials after seeing him first all grungy in Deadwood.
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I couldnt get into it. I;m not offended by swearing but there was so much of it I got completely distracted waiting for the next potty word.
I think it bothered me for the first few episodes. But then suddenly it didn't. I think it was the oddly lyrical nature of the dialogue. So complex (even the idiot characters) and so well written that I forgave them all the potty words. I think the balance of Shakespearean rhythms and potty language made it fascinating. Without all the F-bombs it would have seemed too prissy to be a western.

ANYWAYS.... (If you are a fan of the show, you'll get that "ANYWAYS..." comment.)
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Oh wow. First link on google, from this month -

Ohhh.... please let them go ahead and MAKE this thing and not wait another decade! Hurry, guys!
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Have never seen Deadwood - that's the one with Ian McShane playing Sweary McSwearface is it?

Apparently box sets were extremely limited over here and there were even rumours of hoarding going on - at one point it even looked like they might become the Irish equivalent of Bitcoin.
Amazon Prime (at least here in the U.S.) has a bunch of HBO series on their Prime Video list, including all of Deadwood. Even though I own the boxed DVD set, I typically just use my Roku and play episodes on my TV from my Amazon Prime Video account instead. Far easier than swapping out DVDs every two hours.