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Unabashedly racist? Aronisred? Looks like I missed everything that happened in that thread.
Yeah, not even an attempt to couch it in complaining about the list being "too woke" or whatever.
Not really. His usual rants about movie stars and whatnot were annoying but ultimately benign - him being unabashedly racist in the THR thread legitimately came out of nowhere.
R.I.P. aronisred. Now how am I going to know if a movie is bad or not based on how much money it makes at the box office?
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Gladiator 2 makes far less sense if you remember the ending.
Which is why Nick Cave's script for Gladiator 2 would've whipped so much ass because it takes things in about as absurd and extreme a direction as possible (no wonder the actual Gladiator 2 is going to be something completely different).
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Meanwhile Al Pacino still only has one.
He's been nominated nine times but only won once, as opposed to Streep being nominated twenty-one times and winning thrice (and he got his first nomination six years before she got hers).
Realised recently that this year marks five years since Meryl Streep's last Oscar nomination. The last time she went that long without a nomination was 1991-1996. Maybe the Academy has finally decided to stop giving her nominations "just because".
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You don't have to choose between hating "aggressively generic franchise junk" and self indulgent Oscar bait. There's no law that says you can't hate both.
No law that says you have to hate it either. Maybe I'll watch it and hate it, maybe not, but until then...
Ehh, I'm still reserving judgment until I actually see it, but considering what kind of aggressively generic franchise junk tends to succeed at the box office these days, it's hard not to want the indulgent auteur stuff to succeed (or at least not to bomb as hard as it does).
I've picked a good one-pointer, the problem is that it's so good I'm all but certain somebody else has also picked it.
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