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That's the thing with life.
I guess it didn't help that, in addition to the top-tier and mid-tier classics, TCM packed out its programming with all these obscure titles that sound difficult to care about beyond having some humourously dated titles like Dirty Dingus McGee.
Foxtel used to have TCM but they got rid of it earlier this year, which was annoying since it was a fairly dependable source of old movies that you couldn't find anywhere else (not even on Fox Classics, Foxtel's other main channel for classic movies).
People made Spring Breakers out to be some kind of modern masterpiece so it's perhaps not surprising that I was more than a little disappointed when I got around to watching it. Wouldn't be averse to revisiting it - seems like it might play better a second time around.
Speak for yourself. At least that felt like the point of his character more so that just an arbitrary plot contrivance. Franco's cameo is just that distracting.
He was the worst part of Alien: Covenant.
Originally Posted by Joel
Winding is remaking Maniac Cop.
He's only producing it - John Hyams is doing the directing. That'll be interesting as I've wanted to see Hyams actually make a breakthrough - his Universal Soldier movies are weirdly good.
Last I heard, Nicolas Winding Refn was the one who was going to attempt a Logan's Run remake. I'm glad he passed it on because he's better off doing his own thing.
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I'm down with the lead in Logan's Run being a woman .... as long as she's a black lesbian with a cleft palate, only one leg and suffers from coprolalia.
Still sounds like a more interesting choice than another generic-looking white guy.

It's still worth questioning whether or not Logan really needs to be male. You'd think a premise about how people are effectively condemned to death after hitting a still-fairly-young age would have the kind of subtext that more accurately reflects what it's like to be a woman than a man (especially when it comes to professional capacities or Hollywood biases).
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