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Originally Posted by Iroquois
Are we bothering with a yearly awards thing on this site this year?
If they do award him, I think it's more likely that they'll pull a Peter Jackson and award him for Part Two. You know, just to make sure he sticks the landing. More fascinated by how Titane merited a Best Director nom but not a Non-English Film nom myself, but I guess that's like when David Lynch gets nominated.
Originally Posted by Wyldesyde19
Originally Posted by Iroquois
I count 894 films watched, 249 of which were re-watches.
No, but seriously, which movies were your favorite first time viewings?
Will have to wait until 2022 to be sure - never know if I could see something really good in the next few days.
I count 894 films watched, 249 of which were re-watches.
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Originally Posted by Torgo
That's it. I'm signing up for MUBI...
...for their great selection! Honest.
Right. Im keeping the subscription for sure. I mean, MUBI puts a dent into most of the rationale offered in the thread - the below is described in Wikipedia as “an American pornographic film”, so all is not lost with streaming! I am so thrilled 😀
Helps that it's done by a true Auteur like Abel Ferrara. Lends it some legitimacy that way. At least, as much legitimacy as a guy who talks like this can lend it:

I'm back.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Johansson be wildin out again
Eh, can't be mad about less money going to Disney.