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"It's one louder, innit?"
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Yooo I just realized I uploaded a picture of the movie poster for Star Trek IV as my resume. No wonder I didn't get the job.
Yeah, you definitely weren't getting that whaling job.
Good to see everyone making "Keanu can't act" jokes. Really helps with this whole site's general stuck-in-2004 kind of vibe.
And Samuel L. Jackson barely missed out on playing Mr. Orange's buddy so QT wrote Jules specifically for him as a result.

Maybe it's a hindsight thing, but Woods neer seemed like a good fit for Mr. Orange - that's a character that benefits from being played by a younger actor (especially considering the dynamic he shares with Mr. White).
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HOW long before Trump starts bringing a guitar on stage?
Now I'm picturing him just bringing it on but not actually playing it, like he just holds it in one hand the whole time or puts it down and doesn't pick it back up.
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The better question (and maybe what you meant) would be which people maybe have way more shouts than posts over the last X months, though determining that is a bit more involved.
Either/or - a shouts-only user seemed unlikely and the one-thread users I mentioned earlier obviously used to post all over the place before settling into their routines. I just thought it was a curious detail among certain long-time users but not really worth the energy of in-depth investigation.
Is there anyone who only ever uses the Shoutbox but not the forums?
I kind of want to compile a list of users who only ever seem to post in one thread. Seems like Golgot and Tacitus never leave the videogame thread, for example.
Yeah, I already linked to their initial coverage of the film's Cannes premiere. Jarmusch is definitely on the list of directors I'll try to see anything by, but from the sounds of it he's made quite a dud (and not in that overly obtuse arthouse kind of way either). I guess I'll report back when (if?) I get the chance.
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The GOAT? Are those Giant Orange Attack Titans at it again? For shame. For shame.
The Goon Of Atrocious Tanning.