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I can't remember the last time I changed my avatar for anything, seasonal reasons or otherwise.
I didn't like it, but I wonder if a second viewing would reverse my opinion.
The big one for me was going to be Iron Maiden. Would've made the third time, but they're always a treasure.
Huh, I didn't know he made music as well.

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Ahhhh, Mr. Pappagiorgio, how nice to see you again.
Vegas Vacation was the most underrated of the 4 Vacation movies
I think that's by default.
There was a clip circulating on Twitter a while back where he was being interviewed and he remarked on how he barely gets called up for work anymore. That would explain why he only ever seems to do comedies and the like anymore.
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The Ghostbusters script was not completed when Belushi overdosed. On the set of the movie Aykroyd referred to Slimer as the spirit of John Belushi.
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Never knew that Ghostbusters was written for Belushi.
There's a Slimer joke in here somewhere...
Not a single one of you even tried to call me a regular on account of the fact that I somehow rank in the top 10. How disappointing.
Why are Shoutbox regulars like this?
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Kings and Queens above 18. Heres to not being stingy with the gravy and everyone following proto. Good luck keeping them high and tight after all that wonderful food!
we dont have thanks giving here in australia
y'all can still make a sacrificial offering by baking a turkey tho. rules are kinda slack these days. you don't even have to kill it yourself! careful how loose you are though in interpretation. frozen t.v. dinners might accidentally summon cthulhu. or at least maybe a turkey variant. look. i'm just saying you have a part to play in this too.
no we don't