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Enigma. Conglomerate of Contradictions. Leaving the world better than she found it! ❤️😊❤️ Biography
In a simple state of bliss. Location
Music, movies, and philosophy. Interests
Telling people smart things. Occupation
"Self-complacency is pleasure accompanied by the idea of oneself as cause." -Baruch Spinoza
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  1. 07-07-17
    John McClane!!! Happy Birthday!!
    Awesome job by the way opening up to us! That takes a lot of bravery taking that first step. I work at a school where three of the students I work with are going through/have gone through the same thing. If you ever wanna talk, my door is open.

  2. 03-11-17
    Sure. If you can make mention of the requests to close and reopen, that might help avoid any confusion about what happened.
  3. 03-11-17
    You mean reopen the one that's closed from before?
  4. 03-11-17
    I mean, "possible," yeah, but there's no function built in for that or anything; sorry.
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