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Enigma. Conglomerate of Contradictions. Leaving the world better than she found it! ❤️😊❤️ Biography
In a simple state of bliss. Location
Music, movies, and philosophy. Interests
Telling people smart things. Occupation
"Self-complacency is pleasure accompanied by the idea of oneself as cause." -Baruch Spinoza
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  1. 13 hours ago
    I'm taking that as a guarantee that we'll see you more outside the shoutbox

    No need to announce it, i've already promised everyone on your behalf
  2. 14 hours ago
    That was very surprising...almost like an honour to see you outside the shoutbox nevermind personally contacting me

    Thanks a lot Kendra, i'll keep that in mind, means a lot
  3. 07-07-17
    John McClane!!! Happy Birthday!!
    Awesome job by the way opening up to us! That takes a lot of bravery taking that first step. I work at a school where three of the students I work with are going through/have gone through the same thing. If you ever wanna talk, my door is open.

  4. 03-11-17
    Sure. If you can make mention of the requests to close and reopen, that might help avoid any confusion about what happened.
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