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There was also Find Me Guilty... Vin Diesel with hair.
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Donít want to create a ‚Äėmovie questionsí post because this could be truly obvious. Whatís that really well-known film where a guy represents himself in court? Itís on the tip of my tongue.
Billy Connolly's "The Man Who Sued God"
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I started watching some NES speedrun videos this weekend. When you see a guy beat Ninja Gaiden in less than 14m, you begin to wonder what sort of challenges you were born with.
PS1 Wipeout... on all levels of difficulty, including that secret super difficulty level that could be unlocked after doing the highest class of race speed... every track, less than 1 minute.

Not 1 minute per lap... less than 1 minute to complete the 3 laps and win the race.

I was a God at Wipeout.
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Great idea? Thatís yes.

The first Blade movie and that opening scene Iím drawing a blank on other movies that have a culmination of music and action that easily beat that.

Even the opening credits of Drive with Nightcall and the getaway scene with Tick of the Clock are arguably not as great.
I like how well done it was, good editing choices, minimal cgi, and still looks awesome today.
Baby Driver opening sequence,
Diva scene in Fifth Element,
Scene in Matrix where they enter the building to rescue Morpheous.
Mad Max: Fury Road has a couple scenes like it.
Also they utilise an actual guitarist and drummers as characters
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I do not have a qualm about the odd advert but when it ruins the experience with a continual bombardment of them then for me there is no option but to block.
I get the same.
YouTube now is...

15s ad at the start of the vid
Then two 6 second ads at the 15s mark
Then two 6 second ads at the 30s mark
Then two 6 second ads at the 45s mark
Then two 6 second ads at the 60s mark
Then two 6 second ads at the 75s mark

If the video is say, a 10 minute vid... they still to the same thing every 15 seconds, except the ads are 15s long instead of two 6s ads.

YouTube is unbearable now.

I have found a way round them though.
Post the vid link to myself in a PM, in a third party server. Say Facebook messages, or in a PM to myself in Discord... the ads are blocked by the third party.
UK Channel 5 are liars.
They've marketed a documentary under the guise of a lie.

It was actually released in November.
Oh wait... no it isn't.
Today is Home Alone's 30th Birthday
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Anybody else see these 57m YouTube ads? I mean, I havenít watched one, but if it pops up one more time, Iím gonna have to cancel my weekly wrap-up with the board.
YouTube is useless now.
To watch a 2 minute trailer takes 20 minutes because of the ad interruptions every 7 seconds.
Definitely need a code though that works like the bb code but actually tags them.
Be an easy way to bring attention to a thread for anyone and everyone on the boards.
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Concept: a bbusername-style code but instead of copying a user's username into a post it copies the user's #1 favourite movie as listed on their profile.

(yes, this was inspired by a recent "worst movies" thread)
Considering you've only got 1 movie in your profile