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How bout this one?

I have ceased to be surprised by the amount people will drink at company events (golf tournament) . Of all the times to pull in the reigns, these are those special occasions

"Hey Dan, yeah I saw you riding on the back of a cart waving a 9-iron in air, shouting 'the British are coming, the British are coming' .

About that promotion you've been asking for..."
My work area is hysterical.
Mac Pro is fully operational. Installing GarageBand now. I have a feeling Ill be buying Logic Pro X in the next few months.
Ohhh Randy...
That sounds like a SP episode.
Is South Park doubledenim?
So I just rewatched BAsic Instinct (I know that is very cheezy) but as an actress I gotta say Sharon Stone definitely went above and beyond for that role. I wonder what was going through her mind at that time
Looks like El Camino gonna put hurt on the ol' to-do list.
Who knows this one?

"Are you serious, Randy!? Fish in the breakroom microwave again?! I swear, the next time... I'm going to put a bag of popcorn in that microwave, set it for a half-hour and lock those *blanking* doors!!!"

Originally Posted by John McClane
This is what my living room is going to look like when I buy a house.

Minio's dungeon captives brought upstairs and threatened to act like they are in a 1983 Southern Living photo-shoot because the authorities got a report from the neighbors during a recent escape attempt and they are at the door with a few questions?