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I think I saw a kitty ear.
So, uh, I think our theory about the divebombing mockingbird protecting a nest was probably right, because here's what my porch was like today:

Just started A Star is Born. I never thought a racoon could channel Sam Elliott so well.
Shawty fiyah bernin' on tha dayz flah!?
Whenever I hear people talk about mindfulness I always wanna say "you mean the thing Im doing right now?"
Gravel and grubs, gravel and grubs; I love to eat my gravel and grubs. b'GAHK!!
The thing that gets me with the anti-vaping rhetoric is it is almost entirely fear based. So either you get shamed for being hooked on cigs or you get fear mongered for trying to give them up with a vape.

Why don't these people just put a bullet between my eyes and be done with it? I'm sick of the insanity.
After using the JUUL today I can totally see why this device has created an epidemic among the youth. I am a moderate smoker and just a couple puffs had me floored. 3 puffs and I felt like I had chain smoked a couple cigs.

I've hit it maybe a total of 10 times today. Ridiculously strong
Originally Posted by Austruck
The stuff I see happens when people who vape assume that they are allowed to do it anywhere, any time, simply because it's not cigarette smoking. MANY places don't allow vaping (I have a few vaping friends, so I've seen them get asked to stop in public places).

So I think the uproar is often because people who vape often aren't aware of the restrictions many public places put on it.
By far the best story I have heard related to what you're saying was this Spirit airlines incident.