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Gotta say, Bowie's death still cuts like a knife
408 hours given to bowie in 2019.
Well, Limp Bizkit was in my top 5 artists again on Spotify.

It explains a lot.
When's the proper admin, Steve, back?
Baby Yoda is creepy.
I'm getting tired of everyone calling that character Baby Yoda.

His name is Yodels; Steve Yodels.
"...quicker, easier, more seductive.."
Bady Yoda is an agent of the dark side of the force meant to distract us with cuteness and adorable baby sounds.
Originally Posted by MovieGal

He has a pic of Baby Yoda in a Santa hat and holding a mug of cocoa.
Baby Yoda looks a little like Grumpy Cat.
I will resist smart home tech till the day I die. I don't need my coffee maker and fridge on the internet.
Originally Posted by John McClane
Flu shot yesterday. Oh geez, I feel like I helped someone move.
If only today was your birthday.