The Shoutbox
Like sometimes a PR will send a stock flying high when it's some real **** news. And other times it's great news and it falls.

It makes ZERO sense unless you know how the game is rigged. This is why I'm always the bank when I play Monopoly: interest free loans, baby!
I try to take advantage when I can, but I am broke AF. Otherwise, I'd be in here bragging about my 30-40% returns.

I can pick the winners pretty regularly. Just gotta know what you're looking for on the charts. And actually have the time to follow the charts.
A game to be played only if you know how the bend the rules the right way...
Haha, yeah, ever since I started closely following companies on the market I have seen just how manipulative the whole thing actually is. It's just a game played by rich dudes. Like the adult version of Monopoly.
Agreed. I will join you in condemning the process, simply because I didn't have the balls to pull the trigger, If I had, I would be arguing for the efficacy of the system, and condemning you. I am a man that stands by his morals!
But man, if you had bought it at $107 and sold at last week's peak you still would have seen a 40% profit. Obscene.
Well, the people who bought it at the IPO last year have made a killing. It hit the market at $36, so if they had sold at last week's peak it would have netted them a 126% profit.
RE: Zoom - They are in a ton of hot water. Sell, Sell!
Like bats, they're nocturnal. Worse when it rains. They sprout up like weeds.
And why is it no matter where in deep country the hound dogs are always howling and barking all night.
Worst bird a farmer can have is a Banny Rooster. Meanest thing ever but they will let you know when something is around. better then any hound dog