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Hi, Im starving.
Hi, Im hangry.
I'm hungry =\
That's one sandwich too many. We don't need another hero.
in my best raspy Tina Turner voice, "If you build it, they will come ....and dance to Ton Ton's exquisite saxophone melodies."
Of course, if you manage to build it they have no problems assessing the cost for taxes. Life is rigged I tell ya!
What's hilarious is the government wants people to save energy but then they make it extremely difficult to finance energy efficient homes.
Can't we just get beyond Thunderdome?
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Figured out the house design I am going to use: a dome.
Nice! You'll be protected from disasters, at least. They're supposed to be hurricane and earthquake-proof.
Yeah, they are cheaper to build and heat, too.
Mad Max disagrees.. xD