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Originally from southern Arizona, Sedai now resides in the Boston area where he spins records, takes in film, and is known to write the occassional film review on this very site. Biography
Boston Area, USA Location
Film, music, graphic design, gaming Interests
Art Director in the field of printing... Occupation
"It doesn't do any good to say, 'This is what it means.' When you are spoon fed a film, people instantly know what it is. I like films that leave room to dream." - D. Lynch

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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Shame, but understandable. Are you fine with songs that have a reggae tinge to them, or are you completely allergic to the genre?
  2. 06-29-18
    Hey Seds.
    Would you be interested in writing a quiz for MoFo?
    I put dibs on writing a Blade Runner 2049 quiz seeing as Slob has already put one in for the original movie... but, considering the favourites on your profile, I wondered if you wanted to put a quiz forward yourself.

    Have a gander at the OP of the Quizzes Updates thread, all the info you need is in there... and let me know if you'd be interested?
    Would be cool to have a quiz from someone who cares so much about the movie in question, and from a Mod too. Might make it something a bit more special than yet another quiz from me
  3. 06-25-18
    Found a cool Hartigan gif, made me think of your avi.
    I edited it so only his coat and tie are moving.
  4. 06-23-18
    The spam report I put through on ciroarthur from Incredibles 2 thread is because his sig has a link for an illegal pirating app.
The Final Girls   2/15/16
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Interstellar   3/16/15
Interstellar (Nolan, 2014) Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, the epic space travel adventure that ...

Salem's Lot   10/02/14
Salem's Lot (Tobe Hooper, 1979) It's that time of year again! About this time every year, my girl...

King Kong   8/12/14
King Kong (Guillerman, 1976) This was better than I expected it to be... For 1976, the ape was brought...

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