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We are here, for all the blanket statements.

I'm a southern, white-male and I embody and perpetuate every stereotype
Like I said, americans aren't ready for Sanders, they still want to be one of the only developed countries without free education and health, shame, also anticipated, they're behind everyone else mentally, culturally.
Pleased to say I've had no urges to slice and dice a corpse for at least six hours now so I think I'm probably in the clear
Originally Posted by John McClane
Iím buried under 3 blankets atm
Sorry, Mapquest couldn't produce any locations for a 3 Blankets ATM. Then again, if you're buried it may be a little late for the cavalry.

Iím buried under 3 blankets atm
You should be sleeping, and keep warm to burn out the flu virus, that's why you have a's the bodies way of cooking the bug! Oh and drink fluids too. I should be a doctor : )
Originally Posted by Citizen Rules
Originally Posted by John McClane
Freaking miserable. No matter what I do I canít get comfortable.
Hang in there, you'll be over the worst of it in a day or so...then you'll feel much better. BTW what state do you live in?
Currently the state of hell.

Virginia: the navel of America
Get better McClane. The streets need you.