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Okay, my interest is piqued. What do you do/what kind of lies do you catch them in?
Gods, sometimes I love my job, especially when I catch out customers trying to lie to me.

There's a very special level in Hell reserved for them. Right next to haters of Star Trek and people who talk during the movie at the cinema .
Wish I could see what the GIF is.
🤢 🤮 🤢
Regular Cap'n Crunch is the only *real* Cap'n Crunch worth eating.
Hands off the Captain Crunch w/berries and no one gets hurt.
She eats my cereal!
James Cameron revelation about his myopia towards the last Terminator movie, does not instill a lot of confidence.
Poor kids cereal never had a chance.
Back to eating regularly today, and I feel like I am getting some strength back. Should be fit in a couple of days or so. I need to get out of this house!