The Shoutbox
I figured the look up would have implied that, amigo.
Good thing I wasnt talking about monitors then...she types on her busted glass screen...ouch!
My monitor isn't and stuff...
Technology is so lame
Changing our neurology, we end up tame
I remember passing notes in class
Now we all just stare at glass
Look up and then you'll see
We're no different, you and me
We're products of our biology
Victims of cosmology
Looks like today is the day we find out if Brad Pitt is getting nominated in "Best Supporting" and "Best Actor".
Welcome to the Machine!
Good morning, all!
Wish they'd cast Christie Brinkley in Downton Abbey.
Very interested in seeing how the Downton Abbey movie performs. Seems like a small but rabid fan base.

I've heard of people naming animals after the characters
Random quote

"If your man can't accept the way you look in your bonnet,
he aint Shhh."
Diaper and a shower cap is a look that might breakthrough. I mean, it all depends on how you accessorize it, but yeah.