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I hope my #25 is not a one-pointer. Even if it doesn't make the countdown I hope at least one other MoFo voted for it.
Last I looked yesterday there were several dozen one-pointers, but a lot of ballots came in late so that might be a bit higher.
Same here.
Absolutely certain no one has my one pointer. And it's delicious.
I've picked a good one-pointer, the problem is that it's so good I'm all but certain somebody else has also picked it.
Im looking forward to my 25th pick. Fairly confident it will be a worthy one pointer.
Just eagerly waiting for the first showdown results...

Originally Posted by Yoda
Originally Posted by Sedai
Ha...already thought of a really bad omission from my ballot. Terrible!
If you PM me quickly I can swap it in still.
Sending updated ballot now!
just watched that new Daniel Craig vodka commercial -

Just submitted my ballot. This site was a great help in jogging my memory. Rotten Tomatoes' top 100 films of that decade:
if the requirement for making a list was seeing all the 2010s films...then yeah....this place would be droll