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Quick aside: thereís one thing I love about trading today and thatís the fact that there are more uninformed investors now than thereís ever been. While fundamentals are important, thereís also the human element that has to be taken into account as well.

I I like humans: humans make mistakes. And that makes money for people like you and me.

I want to be wrong because I like seeing people lose, but Iím pretty sure Iím not wrong about this one.

Donít donít hold against me if Iím wrong, tho, because Iím human
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Well, thereís nothing really to argue about: You canít trust/study the fundamentals because they are all entirely disconnected from reality, everyone who got burned the first time needs to be willing to invest again and they also need to be at home during trading hours instead of back at work like they are now, and youíd need GameStop to not issue $1billion in new shares like they are talking about doing.

Iím not saying you canít make money trading it. Iíve made plenty of money trading junk stocks. What Iím saying is that any investment into $GME rn is pure speculation and 100% risk.

Thereís no ďreading the chartsĒ on this one because that wasnít entirely what drove it up in the first place. In fact, thereís more misinformation out now than there was at the start of the mess so reading and research means zip.

If heís comfortable and youíre comfortable with carrying a trade that is straight up risk I wish yíall all the best. But no, from every angle $GME is over and is going to slowly slide back to the $40s. You can most certainly nickle and dime some profit as it slides (which I would assume is actually what heís doing) but I donít get why anyone would want to carry that risk where there are an infinite number of better stocks to play. And from a time perspective the time spent nickle and diming could be time spent compounding interest on something solid.

And I take issue with you throwing age around. It means jack in the current market. Same for securities licenses. You know who also had securities licenses? The guys who lost billions.

Iím all for fun discussions about this stuff but if youíre going to throw elbows around Iím not going to hold punches.

But seriously, best of luck! Youíre going to need it.
Not gonna argue this with you, since it's the hubby who's the smart one in this case. But I'm sure he would disagree with you that conditions are no longer in play.

But do trust me: he's been in the financial analysis world for longer than you've been alive. And he's doing a lot more research and reading on this (from all sides) than I'm sure you or I are.

It took him a while to convince me, and a lot of long conversations, but I'm willing to patiently wait for this to play out. And it hasn't yet played out.

But yeah, time will tell, either way. We're in no hurry.
Conditions are no longer in play for squeezers to squeeze. Thatís how squeezes work. But sure, maybe Iím wrong and the retail investors left holding the bag will short themselves into another squeeze.
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Yeah, I would not count on it. Most of those squeezers are long gone, so itís going to be a long slow pull back to normal pricing.
Actually, no, the squeezers are NOT long gone. Not by a long shot. Trust me. Hubby has had securities licenses in his semi-recent past, and this has been his only focus outside of work and sleep for months now. But whatever.
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I have some friends that are all about the crypto. They also preppers for solar flares. I really think they need a refresher in logic, though.
Weíve talked about you airing our conversations in public! Donít come knocking at my bunker when the solar siZZles!
Itís all good. I got my mechanical watch all ready for when the quartz go belly up. Then again, Iíll probably have bigger problems than what time is lunch.
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Even DogeCoin? Not a joke. That thing took off.