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And to any die-hard Rob Schneider fans in the house I should probably say that I'm jute hessian around with that comment. Hope I'm not gunny be in any trouble because of it.
Leave them be - I think the progression from Rob Schneider stand-up straight to a potentially dodgy link still maintains something of a natural flow.
no. i think they should stay as a morbid and confusing reminder to those that dare.
Note: All sack jokes will be sacked. Sack.
I have sacked both the link and the person responsible for the link. Let me know if you folks want the now confusing replies in the SB sacked, as well. Or, you may sack them if you so desire.
i don't want to be shrunked =\
I think it's potentially a dodgy link from a new member that may or may not infect my computer so I won't be clicking on it.

Is Rob Schneider any good at doing Stand-up Comedy?
Originally Posted by John McClane
Im convinced the Blue Ridge will be an outlier in regards to climate change. The more the world burns the greener we get: its an oasis I tell ya!

I like the blue Ridge wallets, but I have a black one.
Hello everyone!