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So I was driving like a maniac on the way home and a Civic Type R put me in my place for 2 seconds. Then I remembered itís FWD, $10k more than the FRS, and a Honda. After all that I couldnít care less if it drove laps around me. What a POS.
Our friendship. Ova.
It's OK. Admit it. Ya never really liked me anyways.

you are more likable than me....
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Just got my first cardboard straws at Dunkin' Donuts. It is freaking awful.
Since my daughter works for the Zoo and Aquarium here.. she's more mindful of the environment... its paper straws or silicone... or nothing.. no plastic lids or straws... Most everything she has is reusable.
One and done!
Yeah, he has to make up for lost time, right?
So when ya'll having another?
Fo sho!
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Mine should be that old. I started WAY late. Yikes!
Better late than never.
My younger sister has a kid about to graduate college.
Mine should be that old. I started WAY late. Yikes!
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Daughter is 4 months old today. Time flashing by!
Congrats! Kind of freaky to think about it but my youngest child is 22!
Which explains a lot.