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"Hey you guys!"
Wiggle it.
Just a little bit.
Hi all!

*wiggles one ear*
Goonies for life!
That's an oddly specific thing to be curious about.
I.T. that is, not the creepy clown show.
I'm dying to know if Sean Astin and Corey Feldman have Josh Brolin's personal number.

It's gonna eat at me all day. Can we get somebody from IT on this?
Picked up a LG soundbar from Walmart tonight. Punching above itís weight for sure. My TV is a LG so the sync feature is pretty convenient.

The simplicity of it all is infinitely better than my previous setup. I have yet to put music through it, but thatíll be on the agenda tomorrow.
Originally Posted by doubledenim
One assumes the TSA would have a uniform s.o.p. that ensures the same scrutiny, regardless of the airport.

Lo and behold my "brand new" tube of toothpaste got flagged after it had made it through the first time.

"Sir, this is over 3.4 oz"

"You mind if I see that real quick?"

*unscrews lid, grabs the middle of the tube,
squeezes a minty fresh pile on the floor*

"No it's not."

That really irks me too. They all have the same standard to follow but each TSA encounter is completely different depending on the city and even individual. 30% chance I have to unpack my carry-on to show one thing or another that was completely acceptable the last 2 flights. I get the concerns but geez. Get on the same page. I would have applauded seeing a half-tube pile of toothpaste on the floor. You lemme know when and where and I'll bring signs and markers to protest your arrest.