The Shoutbox
It just halted on the way down. Bad bad sign. Plus, I popped into some of the chat places I frequent and people are celebrating because they are unloading bags they been holding for a long time. Donít get stuck holding the bag!
And Iím experienced enough to know that run ups like this are dangerous. Like playing with fire. No matter what the charts say.
Yeah, I just saw. Jesus.

I read charts, yeah, but I also look at past performance and other things.
7.50 currently...Do you read charts? Price strength is good rn...

As far as research, they just signed contracts with Amazon, Disney etc
I try not to buy anything until Iíve done research.
Well, I donít have any money I can afford to lose right now. Otherwise Iíd throw a little at it. I did buy 14 shares at 5.70 and immediately sold at 5.75. 🤣
I said that two days ago, then said to hell with it, and have been buying and selling it ever since. I keep thinking it will burn up, but it just keeps going. Insane. Prob too late now, though, But it if it hits 8 bucks later, I will let you know!
No way I'm touching it now.
Just looked. Holy crap.
Tell me you have been trading GNUS...I am in and out of that thing like crazy over the past couple days.
$nok on its way to $5