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I really want a Mark all read button for mobile style. 😅
Get. Tha F. Out of the middle lane!

Sorry for yelling.
you can't tell me I'm right!
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We probably need our own trade thread :-/
You are not wrong.
We probably need our own trade thread :-/
Still holding half my shares!
Geez, man, $gnus still going
But like, if you got more than $1,000 in a Robinhood account then you're an idiot, and I have no sympathy for any losses incurred.
Yeah, Robinhood is pretty ****ty. Price execution has always been terrible. But the instant deposit feature and how they set it up as a cash account makes their day trading much more forgiving than other platforms.

I have accidentally been hit with free riding in my Schwab account twice now because of how they handle cash.