The Shoutbox
I started looking at golf clubs on eBay. I'm sure it's like anything else, one more page.

No need for underscoring - that's exactly the reason why I had so few viable options
underpants are overrated.

should I have underscored that?
I'm wearing underpants today that I last wore some thirteen years ago. Sadly not for reasons of weight but more a serious shortage of viable options.
I wore a shirt today that I haven't worn in a year or two, and the back is stretched hard over my back now...Shirt used to hang off me. I guess I have put on a bit of weight!
Well, my waistline has finally forced my hand: I had to buy new pants.
For some other reason:
For some reason:
For some reason I picture this:
Well, back in my hippie days I use to wash my hair with eggs. Plenty of eggs. From free range chickens of course.
Back when I was a hippie I used to wash my hair in beer. I guess I was just ahead of the curve as it was well over a decade later before hip-hop started tobecame 'fashionable'.