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What's the next countdown going to be?
Welcome back! Itíll most likely be the decade 2010-2019, depending on votes. But itís typically been genre and decade
R.I.P. Anne Heche
Yeah definitely not going to repeat that experience. It was just like in the fillums.
So sorry about the puddy Good to hear about the kittens and job though. As for falling through the ice ...... try not to do it again
What's the next countdown going to be?
Died even!

And so it begins. 😂
Oh and I almost fied back in Feb by falling through ice into very cold water. 😮
Pretty good. A lot happened since I was last here. Lost ny old black cat, got 2 sibling kittens from a friend, got a decent job with a good company doing something I never thought I'd do, and started learning Welsh. 😂
How's you?
How is everyone?