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I gave my dog some carrots to celebrate. He loves 'em.
For all my complaints about Mondays I very much enjoy my job and where I work. Bring it on Monday!
When I fly on a plane I always count my fingers and toes when I get where Iím going. Ya know, for safetyís sake.
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Yeah, Iím a train nerd so it really is an adventure. Unlike flying which is synonymous with heart palpitations.

Plane travel is stressful. Train travel is leisurely and adventurous!
Iím so with you on that. Would take the train any day.
I wrote about my big bucket-list cross-country train trip in 2017 (my first train trip):
I want to see Maze Runner get a weekend or two.
It's what their viewers crave.
Why is it always Hunger Games weekend on Freeform?
Speaking of, we never learned what that Celtic spell was. What a gyp.
So were our faults
No surprise - it was in the stars