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Question for the Firefly experts on here .....

The series DVD has the episodes in a different order to the list IMDb says they aired

IMDb: The Train Job; Bushwhacked; Our Mrs. Reynolds; Jaynestown; Out Of Gas; Shindig; Safe; Ariel; War Stories; Objects In Space; Serenity; Heart Of Gold; Trash; The Message

DVD: Serenity; The Train Job; Bushwhacked; Shindig; Safe; Our Mrs. Reynolds; Jaynestown; Out Of Gas; Ariel; War Stories; Trash; The Message; Heart Of Gold; Objects In Space

Are they all completely standalone episodes (in which case the order they are watched perhaps doesn't really matter) or are there any continuing storylines/threads between episodes (in which case watching them in release date order a la IMDb would be the logical way to go)?

Was gonna start watching them tonight but really didn't expect the DVD to have them in completely different order
Today is a great day. Sun shining, warm weather, and Apple released a new sound pack for GarageBand: Ultimate 808s.
There's already a link in the header.
So when do we start voting on the Oscars?
I too (or should I say "oo") am rofl'ing.
rofl on so many levels!
Hey Mama Y (Austruck), such a shame you appear to have misquoted this earlier:

Originally Posted by orgo
Tagline: The T is silent.
Nah, nothing like that. I just think "woof" reads better than "wootif."
Maybe that was a really elaborate Tim Robbins and/or Coen bros. reference?
Originally Posted by Torgo
Tagline: The T is silent.
So, wait, it's Yin Woof: houghsucker?

I don't get it.
HA.... purple.