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I don't feel very much at all about weasels, Wyldesyde19.
How do you feel about weasels?
Murderous cows are still preferable to stupid, marmalade thieving bears.
That's why farmers put bells on cows, so that they could hear them sneaking up when invisible. And the rings through the nose? To tether them to reality.
That elusive hide and seek spamming the Shoutbox 😜
I've been writing for so long; now I've finally found the USB to charge my phone. I saw the writing on the forum; as I plug in my USB-C.

Just remember!
And I owe it all to yo-oh-oh-dah!
*Cue bass line and shakers*
It's true!
..and I've never typed this way before.
Nobody puts yn in the Shoutbox. Now I've had the post of my li-eee-ife.