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It's all perfectly sensible.

Outlook: to look from the outside

Good luck to anyone trying to recover an Outlook password

Here at Microsoft, we take security very seriously. By that, we like to ensure nobody will access your account. Even you.
Any Guardians fans out there? Man that just rolls of the tongue.
That poor tomato got batted around, chewed on and left twitching in a corner.
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omg thats so cute lol
You're right, no need for them to feel silly - that was bad of me. Clearly they simply don't watch old British comedies. Probably safe to say they've never heard of Will Hay either, so you can expect a similar lack of association should you also land the 'WHF'
They dont have to feel silly, but they just landed a client called NWA and no one had any associations spring to mind except the two of us.
Boy are they gonna feel silly when they find out it's the Norman Wisdom Association
Apparently, no one in my office except myself and the 70-year-old CEO knows who NWA are, and ****, Im glad Ive resigned.
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"I know this... because Tyler knows this...
It is still one of my favourite things of all time.
"I know this... because Tyler knows this...