The Shoutbox
Hi all!
On Tootsie or with Tootsie?
Wait. I think I just cheated.

Let's find out.
ah-one, ah-TWO-whoo!!! Ah-three.

Now the question is: does the next shout(s) shorten that to "some would" until there's nothing left but a lonely "s," or will the next reply be, "no they don't," or will it be something else entirely?
Some would argue.
Some would argue it doesn't work.
It doesn't work, I never hear anyone shout! ha
So, this is a box where you get to shout, hmm, somebody!!! pls!!!! tell!!! me!!!!!! how!!! this!! works!!!!
Come back later, baitin'.
I've lost 3 too many pets to that abomination of a chair.