The Shoutbox
Yeah, the layout cares different amount about widths and heights since it's to the left of the posts. Sorry for any confusion!
you're right about that. had to be 110/100, i had 110/110
2 days till Boston!
Looks like you got it.
Correct size encompasses both height/width and file size. Probably too large.
why some gif avatars with the correct size don't work?
Plus I am the most defensive driver you will ever meet. I assume everyone is a giant dumbass.
Iím an idiot so itís right up my alley. The lack of protection is part of the appeal. But where I live I can avoid most big big traffic and get lost on windy narrow two lane roads. Still scares the crap out of me to think about it. But thatís whatís fun.

I also want to bungee jump.
Be careful if you do. I almost lost a leg 30+ years ago - still have problems and will likely lose it within a few years anyways. Steep price to pay and you can't take it back. Not to be a funkiller or anything. People DO NOT pay attention to bikers unless they ride one themselves.
Iím going to get a motorcycle before the end of the year.
My it reaaaalll?...Weird Science out on blu ray from ARROW!

Here's my latest spoof on consumerism, sure it is. The Jennifer Beals VCR.