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Yeah, I was wondering where Rodent was, figured it was just something like that, though (or another laptop problem, IIRC that was a thing awhile back). How's the balcony looking?
wb, kinda.
I'm back, kinda

Past week I've been having building work done on the balcony... been stupidly busy the past week.
I pay real bitcoin to see that movie happen.
Originally Posted by Powdered Water
Hopefully its this...
That looks like a video from The Fake Business master himself. Yes or yes.

Definitely wonít be watching that one at work. Itís a real knife-fight out here
Hopefully its this...
Looking forward to it! Is the movie The Karate Dog?
First render wouldnít transfer. So make that two hours.
Thatís counting all the time I set everything up, synced audio, and making cuts with my phone.
Rendering my first video movie review. Posting tonight. Going to take an hour to create a one minute video.