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of course, the F-15 is still the most lethal badass piece of machinery we've ever fielded. but i was always partial to the F-18s.
it's a damn shame that we killed the F-22 so soon. that was one sexy fighter aircraft
Johansson Johanssoning again
I love the franchise as a whole. Warts and all.
Ah yes, I remember renting The Matrix and enjoying it as well. Wish I could have seen it in the cinemas proper.
I did see the sequels in 2003 in the cinema but, like you say, they werenít nearly as good.
All kidding aside, one of the funnest memories I had going to the movies was seeing the first Matrix in the theater without really knowing too much about it. The tv spots didnt spoil nearly enough to ruin it. It was a movie me, my friend, and other kids would talk about the fight scenes n such and how cool the rest of the film turned out.

Then when the sequels arrived in 2003, i remember the agents busting through the door and speaking dialogue that was complete rubbish and i remember being almost like wow that was lame. Then the key carrying guy just starts a fight with neo on a set of picnic tables. dialogue = very weird. Every time someone tries to say something meant to be deep and thought provoking = weird + lame. I seriously don't know what changed between the original and the second installment but my goodness did it feel weird and eye rolling. The architect scene and following chase to save Trinity still is entertaining as hell but the other parts not so much.

Now, Im out of breath.
at least we will always have that stretch of highway.

if it hadnít been for that god awful CGI i really think the courtyard scene could have become an iconic moment in cinema. now itís just a joke

This IS a tasty burger!
There's the Big Kahuna burger and then there's all the imitators