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Am I the only person that finds Kurosawa's characters one dimensional and almost always overacted? I feel like I am on an island here, I need at least one MoFo to make me feel better.
Hi Sean . I think it's to do with the traditional style of Japanese theatre called Kabuki. The West has more naturalistic threatre, but the Japanese have this traditional stylised threatre with colourful actors, exaggerated movements and voices. A lot of the Kabuki theatres went into films too.
Have a look
It sure got me!
That one extends beyond the reach of HTML. Goodtimes, though. It still gets new people on a semi-regular basis.
Thanks Yoda! You don't even know how long that BBUSERNAME trick dumbfounded me for years!
If I can be of any help with anything like that, just let me know. Lots of people helped me out early on and most of them said, by way of thanks, I should just offer to do the same for others when they start learning it.
HAha!!! Yoda, it's so funny because at 15 you knew html, and I'm JUST getting used to it now. I remember Linda checking in once in a while to make sure everything was good.
Scented bleach is not really bleach.

Who am I kidding? Nobody's purifying water with "clean linen".
For the first month, I was 15.

I had very little idea what I was doing.
Seriously, Yoda was like 18---younger---when he first started this site and I came on board. Amazing that I'd be the only troll. Haha!
I have been here the whole time... a very long time...
Where would we go?