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Originally Posted by planet news
i mean, we're talking about basically two of the best posters this site has ever known...
Posted this on Facebook, but it's too good not to post here, too: was just reading about Ty Cobb and came across this quote, which was apparently part of an advertisement:

"On days when we are playing a doubleheader, I always find that a drink of Coca-Cola between the games refreshes me to such an extent that I can start the second game feeling as if I had not been exercising at all, in spite of my exertions in the first."
Pepsi's slogan today is "More Happy."
Yeah, Rob restarted the server. He also had some more recommendations on how to stop it from happening. Just knocking issues down one by one.
This is weird. Site seems to have burst into life... all of the posts I tried suddenly appeared... so I had to go through my Top 50 thread and delete them all as it repeated that post over and over.

Yet the site, Just In Box and sub forums didn't show that I had posted.

Deleting them and reposting seems to have worked though.
Yeah, sorry about that. Looking into it. I know it's lame.
What the hell has happened to the site?

I've been unable to post since I posted in the 90s list... after over an hour and several attempts I can't post anywhere but in here.

I've also noticed Yoda posted in that weird Reality thread and it has posted 3 times.
the only wilson i want to hear about is when will's on