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There is that, and then as a mod, there are times I notice a user, go to check their profile, and they have been here for 4 years and have 3k posts...and I have never seen them before.
Is it me?
Who is this guy?
He's a loner, Dottie. A rebel.
Dropping a Pee Wee Herman reference. Had to look it up.
That's sexist - what about baking
You mean baking ...pop.
I don't think they use that much baking soda
Pfffft, some bakers do it every day
Wait there's more. OMFG. Baking pies at work 😮
I think doing speed in a state government facility is crazier than anything in TK.
Assorted. Lab. Paperwork.

Hey don't we have a Mass____ around here, some where's?
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But Chupacabra? Yeah. Stop screwin' around.
Yep. Me and Brock. Rock those danglin' pocks.
Also, slugs are useless against salt. No matter how many hundreds you have.
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Luckily you were strapped, right?
.357 slugs aren't very effective on creatures of the night and the mid-atlantic eastern chupacabra.

But Chupacabra? Yeah. Stop screwin' around.