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Looks like some scam artist in Michigan stole my billion dollar lottery winnings. Dang.
What should be put to bed is the idea that that was a truly answerable question to begin with.

And I'd only accept a conclusion based on one data point if I had any faith that the conclusion would be reversed had it gone the other way, which is obviously wouldn't have.
Guess we can put the whole "Was it Brady or Belichick winning all those games" discussion to bed.
Football is dull. Change my mind. 😜
Brady never had as much receiving talent to throw too as he does now in T.B.. Even the Moss/Welker era. If that wasnt the case I'd say G.O.A.T. but it isnt. He just had to be better than Winston. With the flu hes still better than Winston.
Originally Posted by Yoda
Yeah those passing numbers adjusted for the era are bananas. I hope people remember that stuff, since everything's inflated now.

Part of that long tradition of legendary QBs from southwestern PA. People like to joke there must've been something in the water, but it's more just that people around here took this stuff way too seriously for generations.
"Way too seriously"?

Be careful saying that around here. There's no such thing as taking football "way too seriously" here in western Pennsylvania.
Dinosaurs is coming to Disney+ at the end of the month. Well I know what Ill be watching in February.

Not the momma!
Yeah, I think that used to happen more, with star players stuck on otherwise bad teams. I think it happens less now, for a few different reasons.
Sanders blew me away with his runs. Just phenomenal. Shame he was stuck on a weak team. I remember they were always blown out because the D just focused on him. Washington 41-10 and Philly 58-37. Its a shame
Yeah, Kelly really deserved one. I feel bad for those Bills teams, they get a bad rap just because they didn't quite get there, but that stuff turns on marginal things. They were amazing. When I was growing up, he was the most magical guy, hands down. Even very young, when I knew basically zero about football (I got into it a lot later than baseball), I could tell he was different.
It would have been nice to see him along with Barry Sanders, Jim Kelly, and even Phillip Rivers win a SB before their respective retirements. Growing up, while watching how a dominant San Francisco and Dallas were at the time, it always looked easy for them