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That feeling when you restore your phone and see all your apps downloading again. It's going to be a long evening
Too late, we've been hacked.

Tried to condense my thought too much. Has all worked, thank you.
Yeah, it should accept those. I don't follow the hacking part though.
Can I attach a word/pdf in a thread? Ideally so I couldnít be hacked after that as itís a work laptop 😂
The satisfaction of knowing that it's new makes up for the health complications.
I've never understood that new car smell appeal. I'm not one for off-gassing fumes. Guaranteed headache/tumor.
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The two best pieces of financial advice are also the most infuriating: make more money and spend less money.
I enjoy no car payment vs. new car payment.

Proud to say I have a 6 year old car with no smellz. Well, there was that one time with a skunk 😕
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The two best pieces of financial advice are also the most infuriating: make more money and spend less money.
Ha. Bulletproof stuff, that.
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The only issues I've had with the mobile version are: 1) the asterisks and 2) when I go back to edit a post, it switches over to the markup language being visible (and remaining in my post after I save the edit). For the latter I just briefly switch over to the desktop version to do my edit.
If you drop me a PM we can go through these. I strongly suspect the asterisks are going to be some kind of cross-platform issue (like iOS doing its own thing, if you're on iPhone). I also can't tell if markup language being visible means you can or can't see the code itself, though there are some issues where some browsers think the WYSIWYG editor is safe and others think it's not, which leads to inconsistent behavior, but we'd need to get into the details to sort it out.

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Honestly, I used to post on a forum (R.I.P. Rotten Tomatoes) where at one point your posts would get arbitrarily sucked into a moderator queue that wasn't actually being monitored by anyone and spat out at random times. So the things I point out above are things I can easily live with.
Heh, yeah, main thing is to get the basic reading and writing and the rest is gravy. That said, please do not hesitate to bug me about minor bugs or even little "nice to have" things. Worst thing I can possibly says is "sorry, low priority," but I always like to hear about them, and you'd be surprised how often it's an easy fix on my end anyway.
Cool, let me see if I can screenshot some examples of the latter and get back to you.

I'm using Firefox for Android. The asterisks thing seems to happen if I hit space twice to type a period.

I'll shoot you a PM later. Cheers.
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That would be adequate sustenance for the Doctor Who marathon.
Jaysus, I really can't imagine running one of those .... I presume the start is on Gallifrey and the finishing line on Earth