The Shoutbox
theyre gonna crap their pants when they see that sand worm
Am I the only one that buys the senior ticket?

Why am I even asking, all the mates around here, sailing the open sea!
After going through my contact list and a bunch of unruly MoFos....the tickets have landed!

One of my co-workers, very mature, having not seen part 1, took them and insisted on paying for them...

Asked me if it was "scary"? To which I insta-replied, "nope". Then I started thinking about is it "creepy", which for someone asking if it's scary....
i gotta admire a good griff. like only being able to track aliexpress orders via a highly invasive application. no thanks, ill wait in mystery
this down

Ok, how did that help?
its a long number? i think you should write this down
Send me your credit card number and I will explain how to avoid it even longer!
we've got one of those automated phishing attempt test programs at work; sucka still ain't got me.
Sadly, I set my GPS for "Doubledenim's House," and soon after, I drove right into the sea. Not going to make it.