The Shoutbox
And why is it that the good old pound sign has been re-a singed anyway?

Was it just not getting enough work in? Can it go back to being the pound sign any old time it needs to? Or is this permanent? I need to know these things so I can plan properly.
At this pace we'll already have more posts this year than all of last year in, like, a month.
Can I make it through the rest of my days not having to "hash-tag" anyone?

We did have a number of posts appear in Games... it was quite alive about 12 hours ago or so.
Four pages isn't that much; he did way more not too long ago and we didn't break any records. And we shattered it, by over 100.

I'll have to run a query to get a breakdown per user and/or thread later to see how it went down.
I think he did 4 pages by himself.

Weird thing though, I came online not long ago and there was only 14 threads with new posts... there's usually over 50 after I've been away for a few hours.
I just noticed we broke the all-time single day post record last night. I assume SC did a couple of commentaries.
The truth doesn't have any handles, and even if it did, you wouldn't be able to hold it, because they're placed awkwardly far apart. #BadFirstDrafts
We can't handle the truth.
I don't know if you're referring to the actual image or the character the image is of, I drew it, but it's Rash, from Battletoads

I still can't place where I've seen yours before though...