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I was trying to figure out what WSOP stood for. I had read once that Jennifer liked playing cards but didn't put the two together. And by two I'm also referring to those table leans.
Interesting things you find out by coincidence. Jennifer Tilly is 65? And Meg Tilly was once married to Colin Firth?
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Jennifer Tilly and those WSOP table leans 😳
Power couple fr
Jennifer Tilly and those WSOP table leans 😳

Phil Laak doesnt forget.
She was perfect in Caprica
It's criminal that the world has forgotten about Meg Tilly. Jennifer Tilly still gets a mention, but she's less talented trashy substitute.
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I hear its cheaper to hire a call girl than a nurse for end of life care.
🤔 Hey pops. Its time to talk about mom. 🤔
You youngsters are all so cute with how you met friends and significant others. My husband of nearly 25 years and I met the old-fashioned way: through a Christian dating site in 1998.
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My oldest friend is just the kid that happened to be next to me at the "bring your own lunch" table my very first day of 5th grade.
Awww... I remember those times, and him coming to our house for sleepovers, etc. So great your first friend is still a friend.
the most dangerous stretch of I-81 is my city. and its backed up now for miles. thank god im going the opposite way!