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Seems like bad news is finding us all. Glad youíre ok!
Oof! Glad to hear everyone is OK.
D'oh, got in a minor car accident last night. Everybody's fine, damage superficial to both cars. Just gonna be a logistical headache for a few days I suppose.
Is GMO (ha!) out already??
Looks like I should have seen Godzilla Minus One instead of Napolean!

yes, youíre welcome
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Originally Posted by Mr Minio
What the hell should I watch during my vacation? Should I do rewatches too or only new stuff?
Transformers. On repeat.
Sooooo much Linkin park
and having to pay for a new government ID that was stolen is stupid
you gotta be a special kind of stupid to steal a wallet in 2023. i had my cards turned off in minutes and i donít carry cash.
and my wallet was stolen tonight