The Shoutbox
I think the two of you are just lit again.

Yeah I noticed the colors of the rainbow too....someone trying to get your Lucky Charms Chris???
Hey T... I just looked at some old threads...holy smokes... rainbow colors and freeeky lokks abound... what are doing?
Hey Spud! Gotta sibling you want dead?
WHAT THE!?!?!?!?!
Oh, he's older. He must die.
Is he older or younger than you, out of curiousity?
Right on! I have a brother like that too. Hey T? Let's start up a business "Whack-a-Bro" or something... we'd make millions.
No, that's okay...if I hint to everyone that I'm the one who whacked him, the contributions and thank-you donations will be more than enough.