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I had an addiction to biscuits. I dont go to Bojangles for fear of a relapse.
It's always Bo-time.
I had it in WA and I don't even think it's better than Bojangles.
Popeye's Chicken opened up shop here in Winston recently.

There was talk of their cknsndwch being better than "Not Open on Sunday's" cknsndwch.

Hard to be better than perfect.
One doesn't just "walk out" ...with crack.
Or could've just walked out without paying and told 'em to send you the bill.
Coulda watched it on youtube for free and spent the money on crack.
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Picked up old Howard the Duck on DVD at Wal-Mart the other night. $3.75 very well spent.
Indeed. Mind if I ask what you spent the other $3.74 on?
I don't know what I love more. The hair or fake guitar playing.