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Clown cars
Oh, so he's a chauffeur. Who does he drive?
No, the diver guy.
James Cameron is the robot guy, right?
When a song comes on the radio that you instantly hate, but you can't pinpoint why, and then you Google the band to find the singer is a twat you used to like before he went to jail. Yup, I think that sums up current day music pretty well.
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I gotta admit tho... it's a brilliant business model. Put out bad content then double down and tell fans that there is something wrong with YOU if you don't enjoy less than mediocre content.

That's the trend these days it seems... James Cameron is perfecting the technology by dunking on his audience before the film even comes out!
Nope, d ccnrnth thay
My drunk shouting has gotten far better with autocorrect I think its safe fit say that the AI is learning this to make me sound sober
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Codified? Subsumed? Why can't u speak American?
Hey, I paid good money to learn how to speak gibberish. Ya gotta give me one of these shouts every 5 years. Seems fair at this point.